Mutale Mwanza


24th February 202

Dear Ms. Mwanza,

It is with profound regret that I must inform you that management has decided to terminate your employment with Hot FM with immediate effect.

We find your brand to be seriously in conflict with the Hot FM brand and values and can no longer allow this trend to continue.

Your latest antics are, in our view, highly disrespectful, unprovoked and unconscionable considering that they were targeted at an elderly national leader. It literally amounts to cyber bullying and we do not condone such in our values and principles.



We believe we have cautioned you enough in the last few months regarding your public conduct and warned you against dragging our brand and company down to your level.

Time has come to part company with you and we wish you well in your future endeavors.

Oscar Chavula


  1. Knowing that you can be replaced before you are replaced makes moving on easier! Varied responses to this news are expected and whether for good or bad she has a comfortable following so let other opportunities open up to her! As an employee you’re always at the mercy of your employer and their conditions.

  2. Yes indeed,it’s about time that she was shown the door.Since some people believe she has a comfortable following,whatever that means, let her establish her own medium and not ride on HOT FM brand to antagonise guests

  3. The ANTI TONGA TRIBALIST is finally blasted out of Hot FM, now I am to date Hot FM daily. She was a frustration to my radio listening on break fast shows. Good riddance, better late than never. Bye bye, mother of tribalism.

  4. God created human being with different races and tribes so was she to start telling God that you should not have b
    created this tribe and let those people who was using her from PF find her employment at ZNBC.


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