Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Emmanuel Mwamba, took time to visit University of Zambia student Everet Chongo aged 20years who is admitted to hospital in South Africa

Everet Chongo was injured when she jumped from her third floor room in October female hostels.

Everet was a room-mate to the late Versper Shimuzhila who died during the crisis.

Everet has been evacuated to South Africa to receive specialised medical treatment for her spinal and leg injuries.


  1. This extremely evil man called Emmanuel Mwamba is not somebody to let near a patient like this one. The idyot could easily ta,per with those tubes and cause harm to that patient.
    Get him out of there, where are the parents to that girl?

  2. His Excellency Emmanuel Mwamba is only doing what he is supposed to do as our High Commissioner to that country. I know that he has a somewhat bad reputation for some things he may or may not have done in the past, but I give him credit for that gesture. Remember that this issue has assumed some political connotations and the state is interested in the matter. It is not like a case of any ordinary citizen being evacuated to that country for medical therapy. He has acted correctly, just as he did during the tragic loss of those brothers and sisters in that bus accident. He is not one of my favourite people myself but for the two actions I have just mentioned, I give him the benefit of doubt.


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