Its only in Zambia where a Finance minister does not worry about dwindling foreign reserves. Its only in Zambia where accumulated debt chocks the economy and the minister calls it future investment.

Government is failing to pay civil servants and the minister is not worried at all!!! Do you still wonder why Zambia is where it is now?

For the first time in the history of this nation we have party officials and cadres richer than Government. They can actually afford to lend government the reason why when you listen to the audios making rounds in their groups they are worried about their properties being grabbed. Why worry if they have clean money?

How can a Minister whose country is import dependant coupled with debt not less than 19 billion dollars(Local and Foreign) not be worried about depreciated foreign reserves? We urge members to listen to the video below and judge for yourselves.

If you are a phycologists look at her face and pick up the lies that Mwanakatwe told during the interview.

People Power Our Power. Join the revolution to save Zambia from these criminals.


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