AFTER a very successful meeting at Kalumbila, throngs gathered on the roadside to welcome UPND Secretary, Stephen Katuka to Mwinilunga.

Indeed, North Western province is the home of UPND. People love President Hakainde Hichilema and the party without reservation.

Katuka was welcomed by throngs in traditional song and dance at Katiyola and Kabunji which is his home village.

Some local people spoken to said they will not rest until they deliver the UPND government in 2021 as a gift to the founding president late Anderson Kambela Mazoka.

Katuka is on a tour of duty of North Western province. He is accompanied by the Provincial Chairperson Col. Grandson Katambi, Provincial Chairlady Irene Apuleni and Provincial Treasurer Pether Muvumbo. Other leaders include Rabson Namainga, Mufwaya and deputy National Youth Chairman,Gilbert Liswaniso.



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