A man has shared a disturbing story of his family who is bound by tradition to donate their second son so as to maintain the family wealth.

Read the story below:

“There’s a tradition that has been passed down to as from generation to generation. I have 5 siblings and I’m from a very wealthy home (my family is quite popular). The tradition is that every first son will donate his second son in other to maintain the family’s wealth. The child donated will be an imbecile and must be protected by the rest of the family at all costs (especially when a replacement hasn’t been born yet).

Every member of my lineage is aware of this including the wives married into our family. The mantle has fallen on me as the first son of my father but I am finding it hard to convince any woman to marry me (The woman must be fully aware and give her consent for our second son to be used before we can get warded.

I’m in my 32yrs and the woman to marry me must be fully aware and give her consent for our second son to be used before we can get married. I’m in my 32yrs and the pressure is becoming too much for me. I have everything except an understanding life partner, I feel like a failure.

My family helps people a lot we have over 1000 students on scholarship, we have several well-to-do men and women whom my family has made their lives almost perfect. All these are about to go down the drain if I don’t find a wife soon. I’m torn between denouncing this tradition while risking my family falling, into abject poverty or going on with the tradition and make my family and generation proud of me. My family are good people this is the only cross we have to carry… I wish to pull through this soon before it is too late”.1977ff38-eac0-4e1c-835d-72a06ae0865d



  1. The way I look at this thing? You need to give your life to Jesus Christ and come out of witch craft.

    After that work hard with your own hands to get wealth. Not by making your son mad.


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