Zambian Photographer Tukuta Chella says he has failed to stop his manhood from erecting in hot season because he loses control over it.

Speaking to Zambian Watch in an Interview today following his pictures showing his manhood on social media, Tukuta chella who sounded jovial said he can’t explain why he has a manhood problem.

Mr. Tukuta states that his manhood will just erect anyhow during hot season a situation that has left him to be helpless.

He says members of the public who are bothered by his manhood and his social media account can hang since he likes posting his stuff on the media.

“If you want hang your selves.After all its summer!A glass of wine not bad for the summer period. Let me now go and swim. My 6 pack is coming up well. If you have issues go hang yourself” he told Zambian Watch Journalist.

Mr. Tukuta chella has posted disturbing images of his manhood on his Social Media account which is againist the laws of Zambia.

His action can currupt morals of women in society and as such, he risks being arrested.

In 2015, Tukuta Chella was rejected by Artist Cleo Icee queen for being childish and having a parallel dental formula.

And in 2016, Chella was also rejected by now hot FM presenter Mutale Mwanza charging that he only wanted to bring his manhood and dental formula instead of looking for a job.

Lucky, he made it as a Photographer but his childish mentality has continued. -Zambian Watch






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