Dear Editor,

Am I over reacting? Should I fire her? Will he start liking her? is he starting an affair? Or they having something. My mother asked me to fire her. My husband prefers my house girls food to mine.

I was sick some months ago so my house help cooked for my husband. Ever since then My husband has refused to eat my food. He doesn’t even touch my food anymore. I was initially civil and asked my maid to teach me and she did but my husband doesn’t want to see me near the kitchen.
My husband recently came back home and bought her an iPhone?? I don’t mind her having a phone but why iPhone 6? My mother has been asking him for an iPhone but he never bought it for her. I’m uneasy. I need help and advise. Am I overreacting?

He said he’s just appreciating her. His mother hired his maid for him. I was a little bit uneasy because of her looks but she a beautiful 21 year old girl. She was a virgin when she came. I feel like taking her for a Virginity test again.
Please help!

Cynthia Kapambwe


  1. Clear case.She is a good cook and your husband has already put and found it to be incredibly nice.You are below par compared to your maid who gives it with one leg raised while gyrating and producing exotic moans of approval which has surprised your hubby Mama. You are disqualified.

  2. you mean if she fire her her hsband wll never move anymore he has already her line how far to maid so that he cant manage to meet her privately she is late jst kill her.kkkkk

  3. Banamudyesa kolyokolyo mwamuna wako. Go for deliverence yourself as demons have covered you and makes him feel like vomiting you any time you cook. Elyo natuma stayelo twakuchipinda muzichitako improve. Osati missionarry every day every year.

  4. The maid has just exposed your trust issues with your husband. First of all, why should your mother in law be involved. You should be the one to hire a maid that you know and trust not mother in law or your hubby. Second if all, your hubby should not be buying anything of significant value and cost without you knowing especially the maid. The purchase of the phone is enough to entice the girl and to give your husband some entitlement. You and your hubby need to sort things out. Your wife or your husband come first before anyone else. They come first not because there more beautiful, or they cook best or they are the best in bed but because they are your wife or husband. Ever heard of unconditional love???? Your accepting and embracing and loving them has nothing to do with what they have done or have not done but who they are. Your spouse. They don’t have to do to be, they already are. When this truth is known, every action that follows comes from rest. No pressure!!!! I wish I could counsel you and husband in the gospel truths.

  5. If u believe dat de Lord z de one who blessed u with dat marriage,y don’t u plead with him, tel him all yo problems,his eyes & ears r always ready to hear & listen to our problems.Be strong & courageous, u never proposed dat man but he proposed u

  6. if this story is true, you are a fool don’t realize that you in polygamy. his mother brought this maid my foot. she is not a maid but a wife and she is a better wife than you I suppose. check yourself and become one


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