By Chilufya Tayali


I want you to read this article very intelligently before you comment. The picture is clearly staged to tell a story so analyse it carefully in relation with my article.

During President Lungu’s rule, I managed to fly to Dubai for holidays for a full week with my daughters. We lived well at a 5 star hotel paying $475 per night.

During President Lungu’s rule I took an enlightening holiday in 3 Countries, ie, Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda for about 4 weeks.

Out of that trip I met my wife in Ethiopia and we dated for about 9 months before we got married. During the 9 months of dating, I travelled to Ethiopia almost every two weeks staying in a luxurious 5 star hotels.

In August last year I had a wonderful wedding in Ethiopia paid out of my pocket with money made under the Govt of President Lungu.

When my wife came, I used to live in a small 2 bedroom house which I am still renting but we shifted to Roma and I am now living in a K1.2 Billion property under the Govt of President Edgar Lungu.

Today I am driving this vehicle worth K700,000 after all the registration fees are paid.

I am about to drive out to negotiate a contract worth K4 million under the leadership of President Lungu. The contract is giving many young people opportunities of having an income.

But here you are, insulting the leadership of President Lungu alleging that things are very bad. Do you think I would agree with you? And I am sure I am not the only one. Look around and see how many houses are being built. Look on the roads and see how many Range Rovers, including a Bugatti driving around.

I understand you maybe going through difficulties, but do you think insulting President Lungu will change your status in life?

I know you may accuse me and the leadership of President Lungu of being corrupt, but if you were given the opportunities I have, would you refuse them? Put it another way, wouldn’t you want to have some of my opportunities?

Yes you can argue that poverty levels are high, but I am one of those who was in poverty but I am now living better and I am sure many more people’s lives are appreciating which is why PF is able to scoop almost all by-elections.

My appeal to most of you young people is to think properly and see what can give you a life. Insulting on social media is certainly not one of those ways that can give you a good life.

The most naive thought is to think HH will come in power and change your destiny, HH only knows about making himself comfortable and not others.

He had an opportunity to help Zambians during privatisation but he took advantage of the opportunity and made himself rich. Nonetheless, he is losing again in 2021 so you will continue insulting on social media as you suffer.

Anyway, insult me, together with President Lungu and PF let’s see if your life will change for the better of those insults, otherwise I am doing just fine.

For my EEP members, I encourage you to be sharp and strategic and not emotional. Our time to rule Zambia will come and I am contesting elections in 2021.






  1. Satayoko. You think all the masses can be cadres of one party and to talk rubbish to recieve new vehicles and houses thats not what we want. We need a government that offers such opportunities on merit to every citizen not only loud cheerleaders like you. Look out of the 1.4b and the 700k do you how much tax is paid by some of us that are trying to make earns meet are paying yet you with your stupidity recieve that corruptly. My friend just eat for now that’s not your car it belongs to the zambian come next year after August. Beside kindly ECL is not elect to give individual money, where and what do you do to earn all that money yet business are folding due to power shortage,high fuel cost, injoy while it shines but remember darkness and prison days on the horizon. Good luck and enjoy.

  2. How many Zambians have you empowered by way of employment or otherwise? You are boasting to eating with people of questionable character. PRIDE GOES BEFORE A FALL. With this from you, now I believe the people who say that you are an IDIOTA in fact a SICK IDIOTA.

  3. send me some money as well, in my mobile account please even k50 000. here is my mobile number 0962434217 , I will appreciate you

  4. Tayali you are completely insane. You are the biggest idiot I v ever known about in my life. My condolences to that beautiful Ethiopian girl you married. Wembwa we

  5. That’s the difference between you and many people. Most of the people are not complaining about the poor performance of the economy because they are lacking, no, but they are doing so for the sake of the majority Zambians who are in poverty caused by bad government policies.
    In fact, generally speaking, on average most UPND supporters are well off than PF supporters and so they are not looking at their stomachs but the country because at the end of the day, most right thinking people would want to leave a good country for their children unlike just boasting that you eating good and travelling to many countries for leisure.
    You should ask yourself this question, are your children going to praise you because that you travelled so many countries for your leisure or they are going to praise you for leaving a good country for them where they will have good opportunities in most aspects of their lives?

  6. This makes sad reading. I dont know your background history – but you appear to be relatively young to have had enough working time to amass the wealth you seem to have….unless of course, you inherited it. Therefore, I am curious to know what you actually do or have done to amass so much money – to even afford a $475 per night hotel in Dubai for a week, with your family?

    And now you live in a house worth K1.2 billion! Not many Zambians can boast of having amassed such amounts of USA($) to be frittered away on holidays. Your case is indeed unique amongst the many struggling Zambians.

    It’s what’s wrong with the “me, me, and more me” society. In our quest to accumulate more wealth, & the greed that goes with it – the majority of Zambians are being left without, and in desperate poverty. Where is the pride in driving through rubble, and past shanties to reach your mansion?

  7. Give us full details of the activities that you do which gives such amounts of money, otherwise we will have strong suspicions that you are a beneficiary of proceeds of crime and the ACC/DEC must have interest in this story……from rugs to riches in a moment? NO WAY!

  8. Imbwa yamunthu you think we can praise you for money given to you after insulting innocent people wait for your time will come and you will run to Ethiopia you will stay with your Ethiopian bapongozi .Enjoy now and bitterness will come one day

  9. Ba Mwewa Lena, has already investigated you Tanyoli, Te motoka yobe awee. It belongs to some one. When are you going to grown up kanshi, fyoonse nibu con man. I pity your wife and children.

  10. They blindfold you with a car and house not actually in your name, not knowing that they are after your wife …. You don’t know PF! Open your eyes well Well!


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