My daughter’s name was Mercy Chimombo Nzima.

She was a Teacher in Kapiri Mposhi at lpusukilo Primary School. She married a widower in 2013 by the name of Sabastian Mukakeni Nzima. an accountant by profession.

From the very beginning I didn’t approve of this union because I had heard some disturbing stories about his past relationships.

There were rumours that he had made his lateformer-wife blind and that she’d died in unclear circumstances. I pleaded with my daughter not to marry this man. My daughter insisted… and they were eventually married at Kitwe Civic Center without my consent or knowledge.

A short time after they married, he began physically abusing my daughter. He would beat her up after getting drunk but would always apologize the next morning. When my daughter was 8 months pregnant with her first child…my son-in-law beat her so severely that we reported him to Wusekile Police Station. He was arrested but he pleaded with my daughter not to take the matter any further.

My daughter dropped the charges and the man was released. In 2017 I called for a family meeting asking that we compel my daughter to DIVORCE this man because I had a strong feeling that he would one day kill her.

On the 28th November, 2018, I got a phone call at 22hrs. When I looked at my screen it showed my daughter’s name. Ithought it Was her…but it was my son-in-law. “Mayo. come to Kalulushi quick. Mercy isn’t breathing so I’m taking her to the hOSPital how.”

I rushed to the Hospital only to find my daughter laying lifeless on the hospital bed. I asked the hospital staff what had happened. They said “Pray for your Child”. I looked closely at my daughter and I could see that she wasn’t breathing. I was confused. I turned to my Son-In-Law and asked him “What happened?” He said ” We were both asleep in bed and I just noticed that she wasn’t breathing, so I called you.” I knew he was lying. He wasn’t telling me the truth. I knew he hurt my baby. My daughter was pronounced DEAD.

Within a short time, my son-in-Iaw’s family rapidly began funeral arrangements. | asked one of his family members about a postmortem. I was told, “That will take too long.”

My daughter’s funeral was conducted on Ist of DECEMBER 2018.

Right before the body viewing at the Church, someone approached me and said, “You have to come and confirm if the body in the casket is truly your daughter’s, because the body looks very different” I went to inspect my daughter’s body and discovered that she had turned “shoe polish black”…my daughter was a light skinned person…but her head and face had turned extremely DARK and her neck was noticeably swollen.

I turned to the lady and said “Yes that’s my daughter but why has her face turned so BLACK in such a short space of time?” The lady had no answer. She just wanted to know from me if that was actually my daughter, Mercy.

At the Nsambo-yamfwa ( a traditional meeting held by both families after burial to discuss the fine details of the circumstances that led to the demise of a loved one) my son -in-law changed his story. He said, “I was watching TV in the sitting room then went to the bedroom and noticed that my wife wasn’t breathing.” At one point he seemed disoriented and incoherent as he tried to describe the events of that night. His story wasn’t adding up…the time-line of events wasn’t “jelling.”

All of this raised suspicion and our side of the family became incensed. Both fami|ies almost came to blows. It was at this point that my family insisted on a postmortem. We finally made arrangements for a postmortem to be carried out. My son-in-Iaw’s family were informed that my daughter’s body would be exhumed on the 5th of DECEMBER, 2018 at 5:30am and a postmortem carried out and that THEY HAD TO BE PRESENT to witness the procedure.

None of my son-in-Iaw’s family members showed up. Only my family was there, along with The Police, The Council and Health inspectors. The Pathologist was a white lady from Kitwe Teaching Hospital.

After the Pathologist examined my

daughter’s body…she said, “This girl was murdered…Head trauma and asphyxia( suffocation) Why don’t you people just DIVORCE these women instead of murdering them?”

My son-in-Iaw was arrested and charged with murder that same day.

He was found at home watching TV

We are awaiting trial.

My daughter leaves behind 2 children. MARY LUNGU CHIMOMBO ( Mother to the deceased)


“This unfortunate incident occurred last year (2019) in January but Judgement was passed last week, the man (killer) was acquitted and released from prison by the presiding Judge… even after the doctor testified that the woman was beaten to death, sad” FAMILY SPOKESPERSON



  1. Does it mean both you and the judge do not understand the meaning of this murderer’s middle name? The judge must understand that this criminal must be in jail and your family should have known that this man was destined for prison,his name says it all.

    On a serious note, no life should be lost as a result of GBV, please mwe fibantu fileipaya abanenu, you are not fit to have any relationship whatsoever, why can’t you just part ways instead of taking a life which you did not create in the first place? The judge might have applied technics of the law or allowed the belly to prevail, but God will not leave any idiot unpunished.

  2. The law is good, but can be a bitch! Somehow, this nasty person, got away with murder! Very sad indeed. But, as a leopard does not change its spots – the man will err again soon, and perhaps, at that point, he will be removed from society.


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