By Andrew Mvula‎

The news we have been waiting as a people of Zambia has finally been given to us GBM has been given a suspension and 7 days to explain himself to the party and will not issue any statements on behalf if the party.

What now? He may be given a second chance which to me is unlikely so after Tuesday we may be told were he will be and the camp he will belong to in preparation of 2021.
Now there is another party which will be celebrating this for they have worked hard to see this happening and that party is PF who think according to them are the winners of this episode, now the question will come are they the winners as they may think to be?

Certainly not in this PF is the clear lose of this because GBM is going straight to Harry kalaba and if this happens northern will not be a PF stronghold but harry kalaba’s and GBM and copperbelt the story is known already.

So after all it’s not a big deal for UPND and he helped them sale the party people know who HH is and his strongholds are intact. For pf hard lucky u worked hard just to shoot yourselves on the foot.let’s wait we will see what happens next.


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