Elias Mpondela

Long serving Zambia Amateur Athletics Association President Elias Mpondela has disclosed that he will leave the Association when the time is right.

Mr Mpondela who has been at the helm of ZAAA since 1998 says time for him to pass the mantle to someone else will come.

Without disclosing when that time will be, Mr Mpondela said the Association has put in place a robust succession plan.

He said there are already a lot of Zambians that are lining up to replace him.

“The time is coming, everything has time and we already have a lot of people lining up to take over,” Mr Mpondela said in an interview.

Mr Mpondela said he is very proud of the achievements he has scored in his 21 year reign at the Association.

He was speaking Monday morning during the Hot FM Breakfast Show.


  1. Mpondela has manipulated his stay at ZAAA by making his own electoral college made up of his personally appointed people, but what is know is that when he leaves the association, a dozier will of corruption and mismanagement of resources will follow him whether to the grave or before, to people that are with him now, take heed.


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