A 58-YEAR-OLD polygamist of Kitwe’s Bulangililo Township has dragged his second wife to court for allegedly being responsible for the dysfunction of his manhood.

John Mutati wants the court to order his wife, Josephine Chisola, 41, to restore the power of his manhood so that he can have a normal sex life.

Mutati charged that whenever he sleeps with his second wife, his manhood functions well but he loses power when he goes to his first wife.

He told the court that at first, he thought he had a medical problem but realised that it was not the case because he could function well with his second wife.

Mutati said when the problemppersisted, he consulted his second wife who took him to a traditional healer for treament.

He said he was given some herbs which he took and his manhood was only able to function for 3 days.

Mutati pleaded with the court to order his second wife to restore power in his manhood because he had not slept with his first wife for 7 years.

“I want the court to order this woman to restore the powers of my manhood because I have now lived for seven years without meeting my first wife,” Mutati said.

He also accused his second wife of secually starving him and at times he would go for two weeks without meeting her.

But Chisola denied the allegations and told the court that she also faces the same problem when she is sleeping with Mutati. She accused her husband of only lasting for a few minutes whenever during their meeting.

Chisola told the court that her husband wcould have been bewitched by some women he had promised to marry.

Bulangilio senior local court magistrate kambole Nyoni adjounred the case to a later date.



  2. …And on a serious note that could be a wider serious health problem…especially to do with narrowing or clogging of heart veins with fats or early stages of kidney malfunction. Instead of going to courts and witch doctors, it could be a serious medical problem that needs to be investigated and treated urgently.
    The problems with Doctors in Zambia is that they tend to limit their attention to an immediate issue like Erectile Dysfunction (which is only a symptom) instead of investigating the underlying problem like heart or kidney disease.

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