By Paul Shalala

It is with a heavy heart that I write to expose this girl who I know personally and whose family I know too.

Doreen Njobvu is a Nangoma girl who worked for 3 years at an Airtel shop owned by my best friend Francis Mweete.

A month ago, she ran away with K36,000 and switched off her phones.

Francis is a self made businessman, he has built his own businesses and made his own money.

In the past few weeks, he has been engaging the girl’s family but they have not been helpful.

Francis reported the matter to Police but nothing has come forth.

We now have no option but to expose Doreen for this theft.

My friends, help me share this message and make it viral until this girl returns the money.

K36,000 is a lot of money which would have paid salaries for her fellow workers and brought in goods for the shop.

Theft is theft even if it involves a family friend.

Tag admins for Zed Hule and Zed Kawalala, we want this girl to bring back the money.

She is a shameless little thief!!!!!!!!241064463_234642298669696_5129707964817394519_n



  1. She will be caught very soon. Just check on her friends. But this must be done fast because she might be using the same money to shield herself. She might leave the money with a friend to do business for her whilst she is hiding.


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