NANGOMA- Nangoma police this morning denied UPND youths the rights to hold youth day celebration activities claiming they didn’t have the permit to hold such activities.

Nangoma police post officer in charge Owen Liyowa said the right to grant such permission is beyond his jurisdiction and urged the youths to apply through the District Command in Mumbwa.

Inspector Liyowa told event organiser Collins Nzovu that youth day celebrations like any other public function is governed under the public order act and the organisers ought to have notified the police.

He said only the police command in Mumbwa has the requisite jurisdiction to grant them express permission to go ahead otherwise there is very little his office could do to help.

When reminded by Mr.Nzovu that youth day was a National day organised by the government of the Republic of Zambia hence no need for a permit,the officer in charge who could not provide a comprehensive response merely told the team that it was not possible to go ahead with the event.

But some sources at the police said the officers were scared of losing their jobs as was the case with their counterparts in Sesheke.

“You see,what happened in Sesheke has sent fear among the officers.The officer in charge is scared of losing his job if he grants the UPND the permit to hold this event.As you can see we only have one or two PF cadres here who would not want to be outshined hence the resistance from the police,”the source said.

“Imagine an opposition party spearheading a government public program without the ruling party.Please people try to understand the pressure we are under.Just give up and protect our jobs,”he added.

The UPND team however managed to hold a public display at Nangoma sub centre where a horde of youths were addressed by district party officials and event organisers.

Mr Nzovu who was the event organiser said the youths were living in abject poverty due to lack of sustainable employment necessitated by the failure by the PF to provide a conducive environment.

And Mumbwa District Party Chairlady Jennipher Hamazila said time has come for the youths to stand up in resolve to speak against the social economic injustices in the country and Nangoma in particular.

Mrs Hamazila said the nation needs a resolved youth movement through which issues such as early marriages and teen pregnancies can be addressed in the area


  1. While the national leadership of UPND urged a total boycott of all youth day activities, where did the UPND youth of Nangoma draw their authority from for wanting to celebrate this day or they were only seeking a confrontation with the police. Typical of UPND!


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