Press Statement For Immediate Release

May 14, 2019

Copperbelt Province


I wish to advise Nathan Bwalya CHANDA the Copperbelt PF Chairman to stop misleading his boss, Edgar LUNGU, and tell him the truth about how he has messed up the country.

Copperbelt has been hit so hard with poverty because of the poor leadership of chanda’s boss.

CHANDA is trying to please his boss and the PF after he suffered humiliation during the Roan Constituency by election which was lost in his backyard.

During Roan by election Chanda lied to Edgar LUNGU that PF was popular on the Copperbelt when in fact not.

My advice to the young man Nathan Chanda in whose mouth the PF has put more than he can chew is to start telling his Party president the truth that Copperbelt is gone to the opposition and no amount of cheap propaganda from him will make the people in the province change their minds.

The people of the Copperbelt have suffered enough at the hands of PF corrupt government which does not care about their plight.

The stupid old story of telling the people of the Copperbelt that HH sold the mines won’t work because they now know the truth that the UPND leader never sold any mine but the government and Edgar LUNGU sold Zambia Cold Storage for a song on whose committee he was a negotiating Chairman.

Nathan CHANDA and the entire PF are in a shock because of the thunderous welcome HH received from the ndola residents which they did not expect. They are failing to believe and accept that PF is finished on the copperbelt hence their jumping like headless chickens. Because of their unbelief they are abusing the police and firing innocent people like Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Manager and other staff as if they were the ones who made PF unpopular on the Copperbelt.

Most importantly, instead of attacking HH Nathan Bwalya CHANDA should also advise his boss to answer to the important concerns raised by President HH during the Press Conference on Monday 13, 2019.

President Hakainde HICHILEMA directed the PF:-

1. To reduce the price of m/meal which was K115.
2. To reduce the price of electricity which was too high for the citizens.
3.To open Copperbelt university (CBU).
4. To immediately stop the useless fraudulent National Dialogue Forum (NDF) and go back to the church led dialogue.
5. To start paying Civil Servants on time.
6. To stop harassing Taxi and Minibus Drivers.
7. To sort out the retrenchment challenges and other problems our miners were going through.
8. Tp stop stealing and start giving grants and buying medicines in the hospitals.
9. To reduce the price of fuel.
10. To start paying Meal Allowances to students at public universities and many more.

We expected Nathan CHANDA and his Edgar LUNGU to respond to these important issues affecting the people of the Copperbelt and not to play politics.

As Chairman of the UPND on the Copperbelt I now direct my young man Chanda to stop allucinating and pick up the phone to tell his boss to answer to the above mentioned important issues which are affecting our people on Copperbelt.

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