FDD president Edith Nawakwi

FDD president Edith Nawakwi has been sued in the High Court of Zambia for contempt of Court by African Life Financial Services following remarks made during a press conference on 6th February 2021 while a case between the latter and its former employees was pending before Court.

The applicants are seeking leave to cite Ms Nawakwi for contempt of Court so that she may show cause why she should not be sent to prison for her utterances.
Return dates for the application are yet to be set.





  1. Nawakwi is naive! That devil mentality as of she owns Zambia will cost her everything she has stolen from our country including her pusi which will be giving out to pay in kind!!
    We can’t have a country where a leader behaves like a Namakwenkwe and insults other citizens just because she is an ally of a thieving sitting President.
    There you have Nawakwi, this will follow you to the sausage factory even long after the general elections and that’s when you will know that wickedness does not pay!! Idyot.


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