By George Zulu
Confussion is looming in the UPND led alliance, with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) demanding that its leader Chishimba Kambwili be the running-mate to Hakainde Hichilema in the August 12 general elections.

NDC spokesperson Saboi Imboela says the NDC is not a small party as it had worked so hard to build the party to the current political levels of influence in the recent past.
” You have asked me a question most people have been asking since yesterday, first and formost….hon. Nalumango got more votes, definately as a person appointed to be vice president of the UPND she got it on merit because of the support she got from the grassroot in the party. She seems to enjoy support in the UPND at the grassroot. And secondly people have been asking about what will happen to Dr. Chishimba Kambwili, as they thought he will be appointed vice president of the UPND. President Kambwili is president of the NDC and all parties are completely on their own.

NDC has got its president, vice president and all the way down, the ADD, NAREP, RPP and all the parties in the alliance have vice presidents, it is only UPND which did not have a vice president because of some things, but it is good that they went to have their convention and corrected that anormally and now they have a vice president,” explained Ms. Imboela.
She said in an event that the alliance works, there will be no way the UPND will provide both the President and Vice as running-mate in an alliance.

“What will happen amongst the political parties we have an alliance, there is an alliance amongst political parties and in terms of the President and the Vice there is no way an alliance can have a president and vice president come from one political party,” she said.
Ms.Imboela explained that such a move can only work if the UPND stood on its own in an election without alliance partners.

She emphasised that if the UPND wanted to be in an allaince with any political party, they should be ready to forgo the Vice President running-mate position.
“If the UPND will stand alone in the election, certainly will see their vice president as running mate to their president because that is their party and there is no problem. But if the UPND want to be in an alliance with another political party or political parties then, them the UPND will not have the President and the Vice President. Because the party that supplies (fields) a presidnt can not supply the vice president in an alliance,” Ms. Imboela said.
She said certainly the choice of a running mate for the alliance will have to come from the NDC as the party had done well in recent parts.

“Certainly, you know as NDC we have done well for ourselves, we have had so many organisations dealing with politics both international and local when they come into the country or the local ones when they want to deal with political parties, lets say five, four or three NDC is among those political parties, so NDC is not a small political party, this is not a small party, so even when we are in an alliance we shall definately offer our President (Dr. Chishimba Kambwili) as running mate in that alliance. As NDC the level we have reached in whatever alliance we shall be in, even the one we are in with the UPND our president (Dr. Chishima Kambwili) is certainly going to be the Vice President if we are going to be comfortable with the way things are going to be because we have attained that position through hard work of our party,” said Ms. Imboela.


  1. NDC, should be very realistic on their demands for CK to be running mate.
    Is CK no longer a prisoner?
    Has the courts cleared CK other cases?
    Could it be true what GBM said that CK is going back to PF , that is why he wants to destroy the Alliance by making such demands.
    The Alliance should be very careful with NDC demands for CK. It seems CK as a prisoner is a spoiler of unity in the Alliance.

  2. The point must be emphasized that we don’t want sickly leaders or unstable leaders. This time around UPND as largest opposition party must choose the running mate within their pool of elected leaders. Mrs. Mutale Nalumango is a mature and seasoned lady who should be picked as running mate to HH. UPND must have learnt a lesson from unstable PF hooligan in the name of Fat Albert who pretended to be their member and yet the idiot joined to destroy UPND. No more experiments Zambians want real change of their life through credible leadership. NDC should concentrate on their own programs or joined PF thieves.

  3. Then, dipping the piece of bread, he gave it to Judas, the son of Simon Iscariot. As soon as Judas took the bread, Satan entered into him. “So Jesus told him, “What you are about to do, do quickly.” (John 13:26-28) Judas left immediately. He is next seen entering the garden later that night where Jesus is praying.


  4. The NDC president is currently in “Jail”, so until such a time if and when that is overturned, he can not be on the ballot while in prison, this is one thing that every one should understand clearly, aside from that, he still has cases that are current whose outcome we can not tell at this moment, so it is common sense that taking a risk of having him as running mate would be suicidal at the moment, unless the situation changes.


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