By Rick Nchito

The Opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has expelled its President Chishimba Kambwili for rejecting to be in an alliance with the opposition UPND.

NDC Secretary General Bridget Atanga confirmed the development at a media briefing today.

Mrs Atanga also said Kambwili is no longer President of the party and the membership will go ahead and work with the UPND.

She added that Kambwili’s conduct lately has been questionable and claimed that he has told her that he cannot work with the UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema and would rather go back to the PF.

Kambwili is yet to comment on the matter.

Yesterday Mr. Kambwili protested the decision by other opposition political parties to form an alliance and call it the UPND Alliance.


  1. Those that are analytical will recall not so long ago that CK went to indirectly champion the stay of ECL in office by fronting Covid, and he did this on the rarely availed ZNBC which does not cover the opposition.

  2. CK cannot be trusted!
    He is like a beachy wife who runs to the neighbors to broadcast bedroom issues.
    No principles at all!
    It clear that recycled politicians like CK don’t relate well with political hunger and they are quick to run back to their political vomit for economic survival! We have seen it with Musenge, GBM, and now CK! All these chaps have served in GRZ before. What do they still want?
    Zambians should start asking themselves what difference these recycled politicians will make when they had the opportunity to serve and there is nothing positive to remember them for other than lining their pockets with GRZ tenders!
    Why don’t we try new brooms that have not been corrupted by the system?
    Whichever way you look at our GRZ system, a lot needs to change!

  3. its so sad that not only is she politically immature, but her idea of aligning political parties to regions is so disgusting at a time when we should all be singing the one zambia, one nation louder, her idea of NDC fielding in MPs in muchinga, luapula and northern ,then UPND in southern, western, north western is not just promoting regionalism but appalling and dispeakable for someone who has been to university.

  4. The end of NDC as we know it with both PF & UPND sharing the spoils. It has been clear in the last few weeks that there is alot of mistrust & murmuring in NDC about their leader’s impending defection to PF. The issue of the US$ 160,000 cash stolen from CK’s home heightened suspicions of a compromised leader. Where did that money come from ? Now CK will likely go back to PF without any political leverage. The Bulldozer will probably be made his boss….

  5. Very sad state of affairs. CK was ranting about corruption in the PF and yet one eye was viewing returning to corrupt practises. We wish him well back in PF. I think that is where he belongs. All what he was ranting about was fake.

  6. @ Ndine it has always been at the eleventh hour when one has started believing maturity has at last come that opposition party leaders start trashing their efforts to consensus after raising hopes of the citizenry that is yearning for normal sustained delivery of basic needs to daily living! The people have a bunch of masquerades for leaders who are full of greed and themselves not really ready to serve their country and it’s people but their minds are full of “the personal gains to be had” after all Lungu and his cabinet has proved it, Surely who wouldn’t want to have K2 million pocket change for shopping and “drinking” hard stuff and not worrying about budgeting for fueling to drive to anywhere of nowhere anyhow never to think fuel running out! GBM was authoritatively comfortable with his statement that CK would head back to PF! I think being a loser is putting faith in liars and those taking people to be useful idiot’s in giving committed support while being played many times over! CK is one taken Zambian support for granted and he has great appetite to return to the feasting but not away from from the center seats!

  7. 1. One it doesn’t make sense for an alliance to be called UPND alliance. For christ sake this thing was supposed to show equality just from within. Unlike pointing out which party is stronger than the other. If these fools love Zambia they wouldn’t have gone into stake sharing.
    2. The VP of NDC must have been bought by UPND for they seem to be unwilling to work with CK because they have already paid allegiance to Nalumango.
    3. Their decision has just awarded PF another 5years term. By this us suffering Zambians know what it means.
    4. Bonse Bafikhala mu alliance muli ba idyot.


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