Saboi Imboela


After the announcement of HH as a presidential candidate for the Alliance a move that didn’t seat well with some NDC officials who wanted Chishimba Kambwili to lead the Alliance toward August 12 general Elections

NDC through its national spokesperson Saboi Imboila have consistently attacked the Alliance members who have remained in the Alliance, the attack has been target at HH and UPND.

NDC is now strategizing on how to attack the main opposition party UPND just like Tayali, Nawakwi, Sean Tembo and other PF paid parties are doing

Expect more attacks on UPND and HH from NDC going forward
More details coming



  1. The selfish opposition parties are those that want positions and leadership and when they are not chosen to lead they go back to the ruling party for their selfish reasons.

  2. if we can’t have it, we all won’t have it mentality.
    Tukafilila munsenga mentality.
    If UPND had such selfish mentality, after moving of the pact with PF in 2011 and join RB’s mmd to fix their former pact partners, mmd would still be ruling this country, but they wanted the will of the voters to be fulfilled and let the bigger opposition party that time to move on and take on mmd.

  3. Even PF themselves have alliance partners, how do you call it. Dan Pule, Peter Chanda, Cosmo Mumba etc etc. Why haven’t these provocked the bigger party, you can go ahead and support the pf after all you are an offshoot of the same party. You formed that party out of anger and in terms of ideologies you still share the same with pf. UPND have never relented even after failing to form government because they know what it takes to remain a reliable political party. The day they will form government that’s the day when all of us will clearly see how different they have been to all of you. Abash feck alliance partners and long live the mighty UPND. You are the one piece of the same pf circus

  4. To begin with A= chishimba Kambwili is not presidential material we would be putting a dictator as head of state B= he does not have numbers like HH does. We still remember his ultimatives as minister in PF.

  5. Rubbish upnd who doesn’t know HH,he is selfish, egocentric,Tribalist, nepotistic and self centered. By this time HH was going to be the president of zambians had it been if he accepted to be vice president in the upnd pf pact but awe sure greediness has affected my brother. Now you won’t be the president that I can guarantee you.

  6. Just go and compose songs my dear. You don’t know politics and you’re not mature politically. You talk before you think. You had built castles in the air of probably becoming a minister. Things don’t just come on silver plate my dear. You have to work hard and spend big. Just ranting without reasoning will take you nowhere.

  7. I am sorry to say Saboi has from the onset never liked the alliance because of the way she left UPND and the unprintable s that she allocated to UPND and its President when she left the party, so when it was time to come together again she felt out of place and those are mistakes which politicians must never make, when in move from a political party, just move without creating rapids in the waters, you may need to cross back in due course, SABOI IS NOT A MATURED POLITICIAN SHE IS DOING IT AGAIN, THROWING STONES TO FELLOW OPPOSITION PARTY MEMBERS. DO NOT FOLLOW BLINDLY IN POLITICS, READ BETWEEN THE LINES.


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