THE National Democratic Congress says the PF will experience a shock loss even after restricting international observers and using “police cadres” to intimidate citizens.

In a statement, NDC ‘Copperbelt chairman’ George Sichula predicted that even after switching off the Internet and banning phone calls across the country, the PF will still get a shock loss.

The former Chingola and Itezhi- Tezhi district commissioner said the opposition UPND Alliance was more than ready to protect both the rural and urban vote.

“Regardless of using cybercrime laws to intimidate and scare people, beating and locking some influential politicians, and giving empowerment to women and youths, the August 12 results will make some thieves we know to go into exile to seek political asylum,” he said. Sichula charged that even if the PF was trying to manipulate the Voters’ Register and giving away free mealie-meal and other materials, the results UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema would get this year would make it impossible to rig.

Zambia goes to the polls on August 12.


  1. mr sichula you are living in dreamland.wake up and see the reality on the ground.Ask yourself why PF has been winning despite economic challenges.

  2. Let’s build strategy to counter problems with communication expected if internet is closed. Let’s build units to ensure everyone able bodied takes part in vote protection. Let’s build intelligent units to pick up all PF rigging preparations and location for PF rigging action points so that on voting day all these are deflated. Let’s find ways of tapping into police units even individuals, ZAF, Army and other defense units so that at the minimum these defense units should not fight or intimidate the people, or at best to protect the people or be on the side of the people. Key word is VOTE PROTECTION, WHAT WHICHEVER WAY


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