The National Democratic Congress, NDC, is appalled by the level of threats and intimidation against the youths and artists that are talking against corruption in the country.

‘I saw a video where Bowman was threatening Kings Malembe, Bflow and Chellah, and it’s sad to see a minister make such threats against the youths that are exercising their democratic rights to air out grievances against corrupt practices,’ president Kambwili said.

President Kambwili said that the founding father of the Patriotic Front Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata loved the youths and artists and always engaged them in a respectful manner.

‘President Sata loved the artists and youths in the country and it’s no wonder many artists loved him and sang for him even without paying them any money. They had a father in him and he embraced them as his children,’ Dr. Kambwili said.

President Kambwili stated that Zambia was for Zambians and everyone was free to talk about the governance of the country. He said the youths were the majority population and a great stakeholder in Zambian politics as they had their whole lives ahead of them.

‘We stand with all the youths and artists that are being threatened and I would like to tell them that they should not fear Lusambo but know that we are behind them. And anyone who needs legal aid should let us know because these people should be sued for stepping on people’s rights like this. Lusambo’s threats should not be taken lightly,’ he said.

President Kambwili expressed shock that a minister can publicly threaten the youths and artists like that in a country where free speech was a constitutional right. He said the youths never insulted anyone but simply talked of genuine governance and developmental issues affecting the country like the giving away of gold mines to foreigners.

‘Lusambo speaks on behalf of president Lungu so everything he said has President Lungu’s support. I challenge president Lungu to denounce what Lusambo has said if he does not support it,’ the NDC leader asserted.

Dr. Kambwili called on the youths and artists that are speaking out on bad governance issues to continue doing so and encouraged others to do the same. He said governance was everyone’s business and should not just be left for politicians. He said no one should not apologise for speaking the truth but speak out even more as the future of the country lies in the hands of the youths and the brave.

‘I have sadly observed that Kings Malembe Malembe has already apologised after being threatened to do so within 24 hours by Lusambo. There is nothing wrong that he did apart from call black, black and yellow, yellow,’ the NDC president said.

‘I wonder why they want to use the artists’ voices when it’s election time and insult the same artists’ intelligence when they voice out about issues that concern them, the NDC President said.

Issued by Saboi Imboela
Spokesperson- NDC

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  1. Too much of sata pf please ,just mention the wrong things lusambo did,after all sata was very useless president,who can not compared with chiluba,kaunda ,levy and R B . lusambo wrong minister, only in PF you can found a dull ministers

  2. Too bad some of these wrong Ministers My beloved President they will runaway from you if you were to loose your reflection next year so be extremely carefull and try to talk to them it may look like they are praising you when they are sinking the boat


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