For Immediate Release


Lusaka 30th September 2020

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) and their Alliance Partners the UNITED PARTY FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT (UPND) has written to the Lusaka officer commanding Urban for a permit to hold a rally scheduled for 11th October 2020 at the freedom statue in Lusaka.

The demands in their notifications to the police are:-

1. The Two Parties are not happy with the way ECZ is conducting the Online Voter Registration.

2. The two parties demands that ECZ Chairperson Esau Chilu, Patrick Nshindano and Emelyn Sikazwe resign from the commission with immediate effect and pave way for credible people to run the institution.

Speaking to the media this morning the National Democratic Congress (NDC) National Chairperson Incharge of Youths Charles Kabwita said the two parties have observed and are worried that if the trio are left unchecked they may put the country on fire and we only have one country, and as such their noble under taking is to protect of this great nation.

To this effect all well meaning Zambians, the civil society the church are invited to come and be part of this rally which will be held in Lusaka.

This notice also saves to inform all NDC and UPND Youths country wide to come in numbers and attend this rally without fail, Kabwita Said.

To the Police, we have trust that the you will not try to play tricks by stopping this rally.

All procedures have been followed in applying for this rally in line with the public order act, which our colleagues in the Patriotic Front fail to do to notifying the police.

The PF are on record of holding rallies, demonstrations and meetings without following the laid down procedures, but as law abiding citizens comprising of the NDC and the UPND we have followed the laid down procedures and we have no doubt we have meet the requirements.

It is our sincere hope that Mr Kankanja will not stop this noble undertaking for the betterment of our country.

Issued by: NDC Media Department party HQ



  1. This is a very good move, very encouraging to us the opposition members and sympathizers.
    This time b4 elections is time to give all the evidence that we are following lawful channels. If PF does not let the opposition hold rallies, they should not blame the opposition for what happens should they pretend to have won the election next year. We will use the excuse of rigging, and uneven playing field to go to the streets till the last blood is spilt. The PF should hope that that last blood will be that of one of them. Otherwise, the game is over for the crooked crooks in the party of plunders, looters and thieves.

  2. They will use the corona virus as an excuse to stop the planned rally from going ahead. However there should be no turning back because if we do, it will mean signing the death warrant of the nation to PF looters.


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