A social media influencer has observed that every time the country is faced with an economic or political challenge, explicit videos and pictures suddenly leak.

In a Facebook posting, Fubwe Denis Matambo regrets that at a time the Constitution is being amended and the national currency is tumbling, the whole nation is discussing n**de pictures.

“Every time the nation is faced with serious issues, s*x tapes/n**des suddenly leak and take away the attention of the masses,” Matambo wrote.

“The constitution is being amended to the disadvantage of every citizen yet here we are being distracted by n**des, in fact, pics of someone in underwear. Sometimes guys, think about things critically, some stunts are done to just keep you occupied so that you don’t think about what’s important.”

Matambo was reacting to the explicit video that has been leaked depicting one popular social media user identified as Anita Zanji who is seen posing in her birthday suit in the leaked still and moving images.

“Whether or not what happened was accidental or planned, it really doesn’t deserve all that attention. We have a lot of things to focus our energy on and in case you don’t know, hard times are coming,” Matambo said.



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