“I was not paid for 5 months”, she told police

A Ndola maid who abducted her employer’s three children has been arrested from Kapiri Mposhi.
The youngest children, who are two-month-old twins, were found dumped at an orphanage along Kabwe road while the 8 year old girl has been found at Kapirimposhi Police station.

When interrogated, the maid said she abducted the children in order to punish her boss who has been refusing to pay her salary/wage for the past 5 months, the allegation which the owner of the children confirmed to be true.

“Am supposed to be paying her K450 per month but I have been failing to do so because my salary is just K2,846.00 after loan deduction. I cant manage to pay a maid and rent a house” the owner of the missing but found children told police in Kapirimposhi this afternoon.

The main (in the picture) has since been arrested and is currently police cells until next week when she will be taken to court.


  1. So if aggravated robbery and assault cases for a cadre can be reduced to some charge of K150, this poor maid should have justice tempered with mercy, after all, the three children have been found and in good shape and health I guess.

    This employer/parent is also guilty of not paying a minimum wage and not even paying at all. This is abuse of a maid and stupidity. Why employ a maid or anyone when you know you can’t afford? Is that not obtaining percuniary advantage through deceit and lying?

    Let justice be served for all not only for stupid Jay Jay.


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