“But the wife defended the prophets “He is free to touch me wherever he wants as he is led by the holy spirit”.

A man of Twapia compound in Ndola took his prophet to court yesterday after witnessesing him touching his wife all over her body and especially her private parts in church last Sunday.

Mr Lweendo Mudendo is very upset with the prophet on how he is handling church proceedings and prayer sessions.

On Sunday this week, Mr Medendo almost beat up the prophet in church after noticing what he was doing to his wife until the congregation held him up. He explained to the court stating “it’s unacceptable for the prophet to touch his wife’s private parts just for prayers of the fruit of the womb. “Where is it written in the bible that praying for the fruits of the womb you have to touch someone’s breasts, waist and the vagina? It’s nonsense he furiously told the court..

The court proceedings couldn’t continue and was postponed to Friday this week as Mr Mudendo again rose high to the Prophet in an attempt to beat him up infront of the court hearing.

This was after the prophet started explaining what had happened on Sunday. The prophet accused Mr Mudendo of being attacked by demons that’s why he does not understand what prayer means. Hence the reason he got very upset. This angered Mundendo who rose up to beat the prophet in court.

The two were separated and Mr Mudendo was left in court police custody for disciplinary reasons and charged for disrespecting court rules.

Meanwhile, Mr Mudendo’s wife has defended the prophet saying as a man of God he was inorder to touch her wherever he wished as he was being led by the holy spirit to do what he was doing to her inorder for her to conceive.

The civil case is again on this Friday.



  1. Too gullible to believe anything. Just go to hospital and have tests done to find out who has a problem between man and wife.


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