A married woman of Twapia compound in Ndola has warned her husband that she will seek divorce if he isists on havng the church prophet prosecuted for feeling her breasts and prvate parts n church. On Monday her husband Mr Lweendo Mudenda took Prophet Hot-Soup Commander 1 to court after he touched his wife’s breasts and private parts in church while praying for her to conceive.

Mrs Mudenda has been married to her husband for close to 10 years without having children but the prophet promised to make her conceve by praying for her in church but in the process, he ended up touching her breasts and private parts in full view of other worshippers in church. This annoyed Mr Mudenda who took the prophet to court on Monday and the contnued hearng of the matter is on this Friday.

But yesterday during a famly meeting which was attended by her relatives and those of her husband includng 5 senior church members, Mrs Mudenda said the prophet was right to touch her where he touched her as he was deliverng her so that she could be able to conceive after being in marriage for close to 10 years without chldren.



She warned Mr Mudenda that if he does not withdraw the case against her prophet this Friday, she will be left with no optin but to dvorce him. She said medical doctors touch and see married women’s private parts but they are not taken to court. She wondered as to why the prophet who only touches breats and prvate parts for contact prayers should be taken to court when those in hosptals do worse thngs but are not taken to court. “When my young sster was gvng birth, the male nurse was there and he was the one assstng her to deliver but no one took him to court. repeat, I will stop being your wife if you dont withdraw the case against my innocent prophet”, she told her husband and relatives yesterday.




  1. Foolish woman. Doctors are trained to check using knowledge gotten from school. When you go to hospital for not conceiving they dont touch breasts or your private part. Read the bible if Jesus touched pipos breasts and private parts when praying for them. You Will regrets your actions with your hopeless abuser. Shame on you.

  2. She can’t be blackmailing the husband in that way, besides she’s infertile.. just divorce her n let her get married to that prophet as a second wife..

  3. Mumbwe ukulila ninshi pali epo ashintilile. Ba Mudenda nabo mungulu, let her divorce you and continue her prostitution with her fake prophet, after all she hasn’t been productive for ten years that is Mudenda has been shooting properly with proper bullets. I feel sad that most women are blinded by these witchdoctors masquerading as prophets. Would Jesus really have done the idiocy these idiots are doing? Dogs!

  4. Cimbwi ukulila ninshi pali epo ashintilile. Ba mudenda just allow your lovely prostitute to divorce you and continue prostitution with her fake prophet. If she is barren, she will not produce just as she has not been productive the last ten years, that is if you have been shooting properly with proper bullets. I pity women of today, they are so dull that dogs and disgusting witch doctors can take advantage of them and masquerade as prophets. Are you stupid? Would Jesus have done all the nonsense you are being made to believe? Stupid idiots.

  5. Comment:my brother till her to go on for divorce even if she is the one who is feeding you, there is no marriage there because she has been sleeping around with different man only the useless pastor.

  6. Comment: Woman open your eyes.Read the Bible.If you divorce your husband you will regret in your life.Is that genuine pregnancy? Watch out with the so called prophets who don’t respect other people’s wives by touching their private parts.OPEN YOUR EYES OR ELSE…….

  7. Comment: It’s so sad to see and know the suffering of men at the hands of these unfaithful abused women folk at the hands of their so called (profits) or (papas).
    They are so surprising, ala ku ‘papa’ fye ifilechitika mu ma chalichi….Shame!!
    Most of these women are easily bewitched by some of these men of gold with their magic. True the Bible says who ever finds a wife finds a good thing, impaling not every woman is a wife material.
    That woman has already tasted the “apple”, let her go and spoil it alone, don’t be part of such unbearable nonsense.
    God knows it all you’ll loose nothing, in fact it’s good she brought it out at your meeting.
    No true man of God or Prophets could do that is the past. God help us, so much fiction and no respect for man kind these days.

  8. Comment: allowed her to go n marry the fake pastor she surely regret heartless woman n maybe she’s not ur chosen one the right woman will surely come keep on praying


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