A youths from the Felix Mutati MMD faction has surprisingly backed the leader of a rival faction Nevers Mumba’s views concerning retirement benefits of former Republican Vice Presidents and their economic status after holding the second highest political office of the country.

Outspoken MMD youth Prince Ndoyi, in a statement, has come to the defence of Dr Mumba whom they recently went to fish out from a named radio station for what they termed as “masquerading as party president”, saying the former vice president has been misunderstood in view of his comment after the late former Veep Lupando Mwape’s state funeral.

He observed that what Dr Mumba was trying to communicate to government and the Zambian people is that the money spent on fancy state funded funerals for former vice presidents should be given to them while they are still alive as opposed to letting them suffer after serving in the highest political office of the land.

“We want to believe that our former president Dr Mumba has been misunderstood on the question of retirement benefits of former Republican Vice Presidents and their economic status after serving. Perhaps we are lost in translation of the narrative of what he meant and we want to correct the impression created thereof.

“yes we agree with our former president Dr Mumba that it is pointless and hypocrisy to throw an expensive state funded funeral for a former vice president who had economic difficulties while alive. What’s the point of a state funeral if someone cannot afford accommodation, bills, workers, worse of medical bills which is the premise for sustaining a longer life. It is a moral question that is ironic,” he said.

Ndoyi was however quick to call an interrogation of how feasible the suggestion by Dr Mumba was seeing that there is no matrices of how to arrive at the figure of how much it could cost for a state funeral in future.

“And in agreeing with him that instead of giving them state funded funerals, they be given the cash. Maybe the media and the state should interrogate the feasibility of Dr Mumba’s suggestion. Because the difficulties arise from how government shall arrive at the figure bearing in mind the time value of money and that we are not God to determine when someone shall die for one to arrive at the figures of how much it will cost in future.

“It is true from health studies and proven scientifically that one’s standard and quality of life impacts on life expectancy and when someone dies.

“Also there is no guarantee that even if someone is given a lump sum money like they are given by government, their lavish and playboy lives like NewsDiggers is alleging in the case of Dr Mumba could not sustain them up until their death,” he said.

MMD faction leader and former Republican Vice President Dr Nevers Mumba’s has come in the crossfire after his comments on former veep’s retirement benefits received a bashing from a trending News Diggers editorial.

The editorial described his complaints as unwarranted and burdensome on the taxpayers as he has his playboy, luxurious and lavish lifestyle was to blame for his current economic hardships.


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