Movement for Multi-party Democracy MMD Nervous Mumba led faction has declined an invitation to attend the Fredreick Chiluba memorial programs claiming they want to avoid confusion and hypocrisy.

MMD Nervous Mumba faction spokesperson Cephas Mukuka has told Millennium Radio in a statement that the memorial service will be presided over by the state while the public lecture today will be delivered by Mr. Rupiah Banda, which they find very difficult to go along with.

Dr. Mukuka says Mr. Banda has not stayed clear of the confusion in the MMD accusing him of taking sides by openly preferring the Mutati led faction allegedly anointed personally by the former president.

Dr. Banda the organizers of the memorial know too well and therefore could have done better had they kept the event free from the present conflict.

He however, says the Nervous Mumba faction is not in any way suggesting that President Banda should be excluded from the event or that he should not be the one to deliver the lecture but are conflicted because the impediment to which he was party to remains unresolved to date.



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