Nevers Mumba and lungu

MMD youths from the Felix Mutati camp have commended government “for listening to the cries” of Nevers Mumba, who who leads a rival faction in the party and once served as Republican Vice President .

In a statement issued to the media, National Youth Treasurer in the Mutati faction Geofrey Mulenga says Dr. Mumba has landed himself a brand new V8 Land Cruiser after his lamentations about the plight of former Vice Presidents during the state funeral of former Veep Lupando Mwape.

Mulenga says the party was grateful to the government for listening to Dr Mumba who served in the second highest office in land and providing him with the mode of transport befitting the former Veep.

“As MMD youths we are very happy that the government has heard our former party president Dr Nevers Mumba’s cries and has given him a brand new V8 Land Cruiser. We would like to appreciate the government of President Lungu for the gesture because Dr Mumba has been lamenting day and night that he has been living in absolute poverty, he said this during the State funeral of former Veep Lupando Mwape when he passed on recently. You may recall that he cried that as a former Veep he has been neglected and that instead of spending on a lavish and fancy funeral, the government should also take care of him while he was still alive,” he said.

Mulenga advised Dr. Mumba to stop politics of name calling and start practicing politics befitting a former Vice President.

He said Dr Mumba should now stop his baseless accusations against President Lungu and former President Rupiah Banda that they worked together to organize a convention that saw the party vote for a new leadership in the MMD.

“In doing so, as youths in the party we would also like to urge our former party president Mumba that now that government has listened and done this for him, he should show appreciation by toning down and to start behaving in a manner befitting a former Republican Vice President of the country.

“We want to advise him to begin practicing politics of integrity and honesty and not bitterness. The nation knows that ever since he lost the presidency of MMD to the new executive, he has never rested he instead has continued to accuse President Lungu and our former Head of State Rupiah Banda that they are criminals who grabbed the party from him and ushered in a new leadership of Felix Mutati which is a lie created out of malice,” he said.

And Mulenga urged Dr Mumba to publicly thank the government saying just like he went to the media to lament about the lack of support for former Vice Presidents he should also tell the nation about the support he has received from government to ease his transport blues.

“Even amidst all the insults he has poured on President Lungu and his government he has been pushing for his plight in the night, and government has been magnanimous enough to show concern for his plight and transport blues. We challenge him to come out in the open to thank government,” he said.

Mulenga has since advised Dr Mumba to start living a modest life style like his colleagues who served in the same office but are not crying for government support.

“We would also like to remind our former president that he is not the only former Republican Vice President in this country, there are others who served in the same position who are leading dignified lives and not complaining because they know that the country has other needs which are more important. He should quickly realise that he cannot be a burden for government, it cannot take care of him for all his life because he once served as Vice President,” he said.

Dr Mumba took to social media to air his complaints on the treatment of former vice president in the country after the death of Lupando Mwape.

He observed that vice president were neglected until at the point of death then government springs into action and gives them a lavish send off with a state funeral, a cry which seemingly caught the attention of the government which has since bought Dr Mumba a brand new V8 Land cruiser.

Geoffrey Mulenga becomes the latest to caution MMD faction leader Nevers Mumba to live within his means, after News Diggers wrote a scathing editorial admonishing Dr. Mumba on the love for big cars and a lavish lifestyle which he is having difficulties to sustain.


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