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Kindly find it in your heart to face the nation and address us on the following pertinent issues that have gripped us.

1.The Gassing/Gassers.
2.The growing occurrence of Mob Injustice
3.The Spiritual/Ritual Aspects of these crimes.
4. The growing/careless accusations flying around from party to party as to who is behind (1) above.
5.The Proposed Round Table dialogue /meeting with all stakeholders to restore calm and confidence.

6.Please re-assure the nation that you are firmly in control and that these things are under control and will soon be resolved.

7. Suspicions surrounding the proposed door to door blood testing/ collecting exercise currently underway under the hand of the Ministry of Health.

8.Allow the nation to freely engange you in a Question and Answer session, so that at the end of the day, no one will be left behind and we can all move forward as a United country.

I believe that it is the uncertainty surrounding the above matters that is keeping the nation in a perpetual state of anxiety and panic and once resolved, will allow us to move in to more productive discourse.

Kind Regards.

Nevers Mumba
Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD).


  1. Dr Mumba is showing the mark of leadership. It’s a pity some people have conveniently and deliberately ignored this fact that Dr Mumba currently stands a better leader amongst the political party leaders we have, whether opposition or ruling party. Let’s call spade a spade. Zambia needs a leader who can bring unity in the land. Most leaders fall short of this bringing unity possibility.

  2. Zambia needs President who understands both worlds- spiritual & physical worlds. You can physically change presidents, but still being rules by spiritual principalities. That’s why some people say, politicians are the same, because the real rulership is the spiritual principalities who influence governance issues physically. Dr Mumba understands that. That’s why I heard him say that: in reality Zambia has had no regime change since independence. Some Start well, but they end messing up.

  3. Sir Muamba,, your comment is offside. We are talking about gassing and how to end it, we are not campaigning, otherwise we would all start talking about whom we think is a better person to lead this country. We don’t want to do that in this hour when need for unit is our utmost concern.
    Coming to the issue at hand, I would suggest that any constitutional amendments should include an article that compels a national president to be addressing the nation at specified intervals and when their a situation like we currently have of insecurity so that by now 2 months after gassing crimes started we would already have a couple of such addresses by the president, this PF president.

  4. Sir Nyambe not Sir Muamba. It seems computers don’t recognize some names especially a lozi one…. see above comment by me.

  5. Pastor Nevers Mumba is a true Servant of God and thank you for offering counsel at this critical moment of time. All Christians in this beloved country Zambia should join forcing in praying to God Almighty and ask for forgiveness and God’s intervention. Politics and greedy should not divide and put our country on fire.

    Let us embrace and love one another as we are brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. Parents should always teach and encourage their children to respect humanity. Even if one supports any political leader when their leader rises to power it does not mean your life will also change swiftly at that moment. Development and change in life and improved livelihood will begin with individuals sincerely working hard. Any government with responsible leadership will only facilitate and create an enabling environment where citizens will engage in meaningful economic activities and better their lives and that of others.

    People especially the youth do not engage in illegal activities just because someone has promised you money or buys you beer. The carnages people are committing today will haunt them for the rest of their lives. There is still room and time today for those people committing crimes such as gassing and murder to seek true repentance and ask for forgiveness from our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is willing to forgive to and wash away your sins. Please be an ambassador of Christ Jesus as God created you in His Own Image so that you can live a responsible and God-fearing life.


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