Anew scam has emerged in which suspected west african nationals are defrauding Zambians by claiming that they are buying old federal coins from Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia and Nyasaland.

The scam works by an email purported from an agent of British Museums who offers to buy the old coins but requests the recipient of the letter to make payments of registration fees.

The email accompanied by a picture of a purported British man standing in a museum claims that due to language barrier, one was being appointed to go in these villages to collect the colonial federal coins.

The letter claims that British Museum is paying $6,000.00 per coin.

The letter claims that money for attractive travel and research allowances would be sent to you but you have to pay “registration fees”.

In other cases, people are told to pay for the coins at half the price and redeem the full value after British Museums allegedly pay in full

Below is the letter;

Am Currently Working Under the British Royal Museum in the UK. I Intend to Come to Zambia On Friday But I have a Challenge with People who are there in Zambia Due to the Language Barrier.

We are Carrying Out a Research on Countries which were being Colonised by Britain.

These are:Zambia,Malawi and Zimbabwe.

I visited Zambia in 2017 During the number of Traditional Ceremonies,Such as;
The Kuomboka Traditional Ceremony in the Western part of Zambia, A Traditional Ceremony in the Northern part of Zambia,The Likumbi Lyamize Traditional Ceremony in North Western part of Zambia and The N’cwala Traditional Ceremony in Eastern part of Zambia.

We are in Search of those Old Old Currencies which were being used before your Country got Independence.

So During our visit in those Areas, we visited a number of local villages Searching for these Old Coins…Fortunate Enough,we managed to get ten (10) Coins. And we decided to Leave a List of the Old Currencies, the Specifications of the Coins and Our Contact Details So that in Case people may Come Across these items then they should Contact us.

Now for the past few days People have been Calling Claiming to have the Old Coins but we are Encountaring a Language Barrier with them,the only word we got from them was Coins, Coins.

As you know these Old Old Currencies are found with Old Aged People.

So I was thinking if I Can forward you the Contact number which was Coming through so that you Can Call and speak to them in your Local Language and find Out on my behalf if they have the Old Coins.

Once Confirmed then I Can Quickly Come through to Zambia On Friday Morning and Purchase them…

The British Royal Museum is Offering $6,000 per single Coin and as for you we also pay you a 10% Commission as Our One Day Agent..


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