New Husband TBoy Reportedly Wasted During His Honey Moon Following Heavy Condemnation Against His Wife By Zambians

According to an eye witness, TBoy and his wife are currently at Intercontinental Hotel Honeymooning where the artist left his wife in a hotel room to some unknown place to take a few drinks.

He returned around 03 wasted and failing to get on an elevator to his room.

Women in Zambia are maligning TBoy’s wife saying she shouldn’t have done a Fringe on her wedding day. Others are saying she looks like a sexdoll.

However, to debunk such hate speech, TBoy’s wife responded that she is an educated woman and rich than many women in Zambia. But this again has angered Zambian ladies who further ridicule her saying it is the alleged wealth he has which TBoy followed to her otherwise he would have married any of the beautiful women the artist features in his musical videos.

But TBoy himself has described those women he features in his videos as horny roaches and prostitutes.


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