By THE PUNCH Reporter

NGABWE PF Council chairperson Thabiso Tshili Mizinga has requested Central province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kabwe to transfer some Tonga speaking people and alleged UPND sympathisers in public service from the area. According to her, all Tonga people are UPND and she has vowed to make their work a hell.

In the letter accessed by THE PUNCH, and dated 17th December 2018, Mizinga recommends 3 officers from DEBS’ office, 4 school head teachers and 6 school teachers to be transferred while 4 other non Tonga people have been recommended for promotion.

“Kindly help me with civil servants that are supporting government of the day (Patriotic Front in particular) even to make my work easier and peaceful,” writes Mizinga in the letter. Purging of Tonga people and other tribes from regions where UPND has bigger following has been common under the PF administration to the extent that even President Edgar Lungu last year directed government heads in Lundazi to halt the exercise as it was defeating the principle of national unity.

But when contacted for response on the matter, Mizinga ignored the press query sent to her in the morning. When called using a different phone number, she answered “call me after one hour” but on follow up she kept cutting the line and later sent a text “Good afternoon thanks. Will respond after the meeting. Bless you”. By 18:00hrs she was still in the “meeting”.



WE have tried to search for the appropriate word for this Thabiso’s conduct and we don’t find anything other than stupidity and we will unreservedly state that Thabiso is a stupid person, going by her reported conduct. Firstly we don’t know what meeting she is continuously attending from 09:00hrs throughout after 19:00hrs.

We can confidently say that we know Thabiso quite well because our reporters, undercover and exposed alike have covered assignments with her present. We also know about her manoeuvres at provincial administration but for now we shall concentrate on her stupid act under discussion. How can she start purging Tongas on silly suspicion of being UPND, and in any case, what is criminal about being UPND if she is encouraging others to support PF? By the way, isn’t she married to a Tonga man, Mr. Mizinga? So is she telling the PS Chanda Kabwe that even her husband is UPND and as a Pastor who is supposed to obey the commandment for wives to submit to husbands in totality, she is submissive to a Tonga and UPND man and together they have Tonga children who technically are UPND?

We are tired of such stupid public servants who in the hope of pleasing President Edgar Lungu are In fact harming the nation and therefore making Lungu unlikable. Lungu has his own sins for which Zambians will crucify him and certainly nincompoops like Thabiso must not add more. Knowing PS Chanda Kabwe, we appeal to him to dismiss Thabiso’s letter and in fact castigate her strongly. We all have a duty to help rebuild this nation’s unity which has broken down especially under the PF administration.

We will closely monitor the developments in Ngabwe and urge the civil society, the human rights commission to equally develop interest, but for now our humble advice to Thabiso is that “before you transfer those Tonga people on account that they belong to UPND, the best is to divorce your husband and also disown those children. Let them go with their Tonga father, unless they are not his, because to you, it is very clear that anything that has Tonga blood is UPND. What kind of a pastor are you? Because even pastors for Lungu must have decorum”.


  1. Comment: stupid pastor she is not a good person to serve the community.nor matter what we TONGAS will be TONGAS until Christ came , if she don’t like TONGAS let her hung to death , and she will be destined to pervert in her life if she can not associate to TONGAS because TONGAS are hard working everybody knows it country wide


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