Nickson Chilangwa


President Edgar Lungu’s scorecard in Luapula and why the people of Luapula will vote for PF

1. Kawambwa Tea Company is back after privatization killed it.

2. Mansa Sugar is giving sugar and jobs

3. Green 2000 is established

4. Mununshi Banana Estate is back from privatization graves

5. Kasomeno-Mwenda toll road and Luapula Bridge project taking shape.

6. Samfya International Convention coming up.

7. Nchelenge Palm Oil project being established

8. Matanda Sugar being set up by Lake Group

9. Kawambwa Sugar being set up.

10. New shopping malls coming up.

11. Biggest Zambia Army Marine barracks with 1000 housing units built.

12. Sunbird Bioenergy Africa set up

13. 20,000 ha ZAFFICO plantation set up

14. WCFCB Pine and Eucalyptus plantation set up

15. New schools, hospitals, mini- hospitals road infrastructure developed.

16. New water projects launched in major towns. More coming.

Comrades, Luapula will never be the same in the next 3 to 5 years!

…Ifyashala lundenipo mwebena Luapula.

Nickson Chilangwa
June 9, 2021


  1. Sir, the day you will understand what SUSTAINABILITY is in national ventures, that is the time you will know that this Government is of big lies. We under the able leadership of HH will provide you with sustainable and better development that will be appreciated for generations to come. ZAMBIA FORWARD WITH HH AND MN.

  2. What is the dollar kwacha exchange rate in Luapula is it better?
    Is Kapenta cheap there?
    Is Salad cheap there?
    Is Is fertilizer cheap there?
    Is bread cheap there?

  3. Yes PF will go through after 16 August 2016. People of Luapula are happy with that because they have low prices in the shops. Luapula is 1/3 Zambia but l have relatives who do want to hear PF in teir ears. The Province has achieved a lot thank you.

  4. Lol…… Mr chilangwa you write as though those projects are favours to the people of luapula. If I may set the record straight for you sir. Those are must haves to the people of luapula and Zambia at large. Let’s not make projects like such look as though they are favours. It’s every government’s mandate to being development to it’s people. Those people there don’t owe you people anything. Infact you the ones that owe them. They gave you that mandate and it’s you duty and job to deliver. Sir it’s the weak and irrelevant policies people are tired of. Mind you it’s the borrowed money that is building all those so called kangaroo projects. Moreover we the ones that actually pay back through taxation.

  5. Misleading headline. The correct headline should have been, “How President Lungu will lose 2021 elections”. Big chunks of land have been given for free to all these investments a big drawback to the people of Luapula & Zambia. Next time, before Chilangwa posts this kind of nonsense, let him undertake a comparative cost benefit analysis for the Zambian people.

  6. “Being set up”
    “Being established”
    “Coming up”
    “Taking shape”
    Feel free to fool pfools!

    This is a Mulungushi Edgar Lungu deceptive style.


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