There is the legend of Nkafwa Nayo or I will die with it.

This is the tale of an unknown legendary Zambian goal-keeper who has largely also turned into a mythical figure as years have progressed.

Although there is no connection, this story became popularised in the 90’s shortly after the Gabon air tragedy.

Nkafwanayo however is said to have died after the visiting national soccer team of the then Zaire did some extreme witchcraft on him.

It is said that as the match progressed, Nkafwa Nayo first saw the ball changing into a lion, he quickly moved away letting a goal.

He later had the ball transform itself in a huge train charging towards the goal, Nkafwanayo at that moment could not stand Zambia loosing, he thought he could brave it but the wizardry by the Zaireans was too much, he eventually let in another goal.

The puzzled spectators in the stadium could not understand why the goal keeper was easily letting in goals, it appeared through out, the magic was directed at Nkafwanayo alone, others could not see.

All manner of insults were hurled at Nkafwanayo, in the second half, it was do or die for him.

When the ball was directed at him for a third goal, Nkafwanayo saw multiple & sharp knives charging towards him, shouting at the top of his voice “Nkafwanayo” or “I will die with it”, the goal keeper fell to the ground with the ball in his hands dead.



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