It is well known how much clubs in Europe such as Manchester United, Barcelona, Chelsea, Real madrid and many others in Europe earn in a season but te issues of financial information in Zambian football remains a largely unexplored area despite the availability of information fo Zambian clubs having significantly improved.

Its well known that Club Football in Zambia has steadily been going up and one aspect that has continued to see growth is the income clubs earn through prize money, player sales and various sponsorship’s and while not all financial information of Zambian clubs is available to the public we can still get an insight in how much clubs earn through what is shared by clubs, the sponsors and the competitions they participate in.

Each club in the Zambian Super League receives a K200,000 ( $20,000) from sponsors of the league MTN and a K300,000 ( $30,000) from Supersport who broadcast the league.

From the information available Nkana FC has topped the list this year with the club receiving K33 Million through out the course of the season and here is a full list of Nkana and several other top clubs.

NKANA FC ( K33.9 Million / $3,390,000)

Nkana continue to be the most supported club in Zambia not just on the pitch but also by corporate bodies and this year the club had a sponsorship of K30 Million ( $3 Million) from main sponsors Mopani to meet the clubs budget and it also hit sponsorship’s of K3 Million from other sponsors with Red Metal Mining getting the privilege of being on the clubs mainshirt with a sponsorship deal of K1.3 Million ( $130,000).

Food Giants Zambeef also joined Nkana FCs sponsorship family this year with a deal worth K175,000 ( $17,500) a year making the club emerge as having the most sponsors.

The Kitwe Giants are also the most open on announcing how much the club earns from other sources and this year the club announced that the Kitwe Derby at Nkana Stadium earned it more than K400,000 ( $40,000) despite the fact that there has been a general visible downtrend in attendance at the Iconic venue.

In 2018 the club hasn’t revealed how much it made in replica sales but in 2017 it sold K2 Million ( $200,000) worth of replicas though it was short of the clubs target of K6 Million ( $600,000).

POWER DYNAMOS ( K26 Million / $2.6 Million)

Though on the field Power Dynamos have failed to qualify for Caf Competition since 2015 the team is doing very well off the field in the finances.

The club received a sponsorship of K18 Million ( $1.8 Million) from owners CEC this year and also got another new sponsor in African MultiNational Bank UBA who put in K300,000 ( $30,000).

The club also earned moneys from MTN and Supersport worth K500,000 ( $ 50,000) in total.

ZESCO UNITED (K 7.3 Million/ $730,000)

The Zambia Electricity Corporation Sponsored team are a club that got promoted to the Zambian Super League in 2004 but within just 14 years they have surpassed most Zambian clubs in how much they earn.

Outside of the main sponsors Zesco still earn more than all Zambian clubs with the main reason being due to them regularly reaching the group stage of continental competition which is the money zone and this year they earned K5.5 Million ($550,000) from the CAF Champions League.

The club also earned K700,000 ( $70,000) from the FAZ/MTN Super League as well money from Sponsorships with Atlas mara Bank putting in K800,000 ( $80,000) as the clubs new Shirt Sponsors while the club earned K300,000 ( $30,000) from Supersport.

Its believed the club receive the most funds from sponsors Zesco Limited but due to limited information the sponsorship has not been included however the club is listed on a number of African football websites as receiving a sponsorship of K40 Million a year ( $4 Million) though the information remains unverified.

LUSAKA DYNAMOS ( K500,000/ $50,000)

Lusaka Dynamos was traditionally a selling club but the clubs founder and President Hanif Adam’s decided to change the model of the club in 2013 after it went down to Division 2 and at some point he almost sold it due to it struggling financially.

The change saw the club opening up its membership and that transformed it as it got a sponsorship from Huawei worth K290,000 ($29,000) for the 2016 season though the deal lasted only one season.

The club also broke the Zambian transfer market figure for a foreign player when it signed Ugandan International Joseph Ochaya from Ugandan Giants KCCA FC in 2017 for a record Transfer fee of K1.5 Million ( $150,000) which at the time was also the biggest transfer fee a Ugandan club had sold a player for.

Despite the clubs recent financial challenges they have managed to keep the majority of their best players and are never shy at sharing information as to how much their top players cost with the clubs President Hanif Adams pegging top scorer Chrispin Mugalu at K10 Million ( $1 Million).

BUILDCON FC ( K500,000/ $50,000)

The club is sponsored by Construction firm Buildcon FC and theer is no information on how much sponsorship goes into the club in a season.

The club is however listed on Transfermarkt as having the most valuable squad in Zambia worth K17 Million ( $1.7 Million) and its well know for having spent quite a sum in bringing in a number of top players from across african leagues.

The clubs known income comes from the MTN and Supersport sponsorship moneys which all clubs receive and totals K500,000.

OTHER CLUBS ( K500,000/ $50,000)

Due to insufficient information the rest of the Zambian Super League clubs have not been listed but all however receive a K500,000 from the MTN and Supersport Sponsorship deals.



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