Nkandu Luo
Nkandu Luo

Written by Niza Phiri.

Professor Nkandu Luo and the PF Govt are becoming Careless, Irresponsible and Hypocritical.

Prof Nkandu Luo, President Lungu, Dr Chitalu Chilufya and Several other PF government leaders attended University at UNZA absolutely free.

The Hon Minister Yesterday Made pronouncements that Government intends to Scrap Meal allowances for CBU and UNZA that are in actuality a Loan that students are required to pay back. She noted them as being the cause of unrest.

The source of unrest is Mismanagement of public resources by the Government, how is it that monies that are budgeted are always delayed, be it student allowances or council salaries, but money for useless government functions, annual bowls, expo awards , presidential travel, receiving and sending off the president are always available. Its absolutely ridiculous that students who came from the Most remote of places, real villages be denied an education at the expense of useless government expenditure by PEOPLE WHO BENEFITED MORE from the same system.

The PF government has become blind to the reality of people, as a former student leader, we had students whose whole village had to contribute for transport money, they had no means and through those meal allowances are now productive members of their communities and helping their villages out, but Madam Nkandu Luo, and a lot of Top government officials can’t seem to relate to the common man, may be because they are swimming in money, but can we make sober and Mature statements and decisions and not be led by emotion.

The PF government allocated the least amount of money to Education of ALL african countries, at only 1% of the budget, this is systematic discrimination and marginalization of young people in Zambia, the PF are setting us up for a very dangerous situation in this country, if pushed in a corner, even rabbits bite, can the Government do what it was elected to do, serve the people and stop playing games with people’s dues, be it Council workers or Students



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