Nickson Chilangwa


… Chilangwa warns Town Clerks/Council Secretaries not to use funds for trips

LUAPULA Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa has cautioned Mayors/Council Chairpersons to stop leaving the Province without informing him.

Speaking during the the Provincial Development Coordinating Committee meeting in Mansa Friday, Mr. Chilangwa said as Provincial head of government it was important for him to be made aware of the whereabouts of those he supervised.

He said Council Chairpersons should always seek permission to travel out of the Province as a matter of procedure.

The Minister wondered why some civic leaders were always absent from their offices when it was time to work.

“Please, this should be made clear that Council Chairpersons should always inform my office whenever they need to travel out of the Province. I have to know their whereabouts. Unnecessary trips should end,” said Mr. Chilangwa.

And Mr. Chilangwa has cautioned Council Secretaries to stop approving funding towards unjustified mayoral trips.

The Minister has also told Council Secretaries to stop spending most of their funds on trips.
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