…As she condemns his wicked and satanic utterances and advises Zambians to be wary of false prophets

By Smart Eagles

National guidance and religious affairs Minister Reverand Godfridah Sumaili has condemned the social media utterances by Nigerian prophet commonly known as Seer 1 against government leaders.

Reverand Sumaili is saddened that Seer 1 who claims to be a man of God can use vulgar and arrogant language against people.

At a press briefing this afternoon, Reverend Sumaili who declared that no one shall die or be killed by Seer 1 said his utterances are a clear sign of evil and hate for the Zambian clergy and government and questioned what kind of a man threatens to kill people and acknowledging that he does not believe in Jesus Christ.

“The people of Zambia should be alert and not allow the false prophets to abuse them, take advantage of them and steal from them.The only one who has powers over your situation is God” she said.

When asked whether Seer 1’s claims that government officials got things from him were true or not, Reverand Sumaili said she would take such claims with a pinch of salt considering the kind of man he is who openly acknowledged that he does not believe in Jesus Christ.

And on whether governments intends to take any possible action against the South African based Nigerian prophet, Reverend Sumaili said her ministry will have to work with other line ministries such as home and foreign affairs to ensure that something is done because it takes seriously the contents in the prophet’s video.

“He cannot just stand there and start insulting the servants of God in Zambia, demeaning our government even accusing people of having taken his things, definately we shall work together and do something” reverand Sumaili assured.

She also encouraged the clergy in the country to preach the gospel and let their congregation be rooted in the word of God and said the bible does not lie when it urges people to watch and pray.


  1. Sear 1 is añnoid over his items that were given to you and you are misusing them, brutalising Zambians. There it is in Chilubi UPND OFFICIALS AND CHILUBI UPND SIMPATHISERS ARE BEING BEATEN BY pf Thugs.

  2. As long as you got his items you are in Trouble you will start dying one after another. Your charms have been revealed.
    Do not take the name of God in vain. This is your time you must repent nowonder you were refusing to be lead by the three mother bodies because you knew what you are in.


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