Ever smiling Presidential Affairs minister Freedom Sikazwe says no sane person can appoint a Tonga as a spokesperson or any public relations position because they lack communication skills and will only talk of development in Southern Province.

Mr Sikazwe admitted that their is a vacuum or vacancy to replace Mr Amos Chanda as President Edgar Lungu’s press aide but one thing for sure is that the position is not open for Tongas.

“We are not tribal or hate Tonga people but let’s call a spade a spade ” said Mr Sikazwe in Mfuwe were he accompanied President Edgar Lungu for a work visit.
Mr Sikazwe says he loves Tongas and he has some working at his farms and Automotive Garage in Mpulungu”.

” Tongas are good at trade skills for example (Agriculture, Mechanics,Bricklaying and Carpentry ) but not diplomatic jobs”he said.

Mr Sikazwe has assured Zambians that soon his office through president Lungu will announce who will take over from Amos Chanda’s duties.

SOURCE: Zambian Watch



  1. This is admission that Pf is a regional & tribal party. Under Pf only two tribes are in govt. A concrete foundation not properly mixed easily cracks. Pf is cracking & failing because of no good mixture.

  2. Ya Sikazwe, Tongas are Zambians you must understand. Thats why you are misleading and not helping President Lunch with such utterances. This attitude is very very bad and sinful, it is causing high levels of corruption, tension/political violence, damage to economy and tribal divisions. Shame on you “ya mukombe” for acknowledging that Tongas have best brains/skills for creating genuine wealth from agriculture, industry/trade skills application and economic management. Tongas believe in working hard for what they have not kwiba mwibala (stealing from field). More reason HH is aiming for Presidency job and all well meaning Zambian are supporting him even ba kateka has realized this now.

  3. That is generally true Tongas are not good at defending wrong things they believe in the truth and hard work same with Lozis

  4. Thanks to Sikazwe for revealing the PF mindset as far as the discrimination maTonga, maLozi, aLunda, vaLuvale, baKaonde and related tribes suffer at the hands of Lungu and his government. The discrimination extends from exclusion from meaningful jobs in government and parastatals to lack of development in the areas where these second class Zambians come from. If Sikazwe can say that in public while in the president’s entourage then in the privacy of their offices and homes worse things are discussed. But Sikazwe and his bululus should not forget that a person deprived of his/her rights is a very angry person and very angry person can be very hostile to his/her oppressor.

  5. Is this true? Can any sane minister utter such words? God forbid. I am not Tonga, but anyone saying such things should in their life time feel the wrath of God who espouses in the Koranic scriptures “had We wanted, We would have made you one race!” Tongas are no different from other Zambians. They are a gifted and great breed who have made this country what it is.
    I hope the article is fake…if true, sorry Freedom.

  6. What capacity does this Sikazwe have to judge what Tongas are capable of doing? If he has employed a few Tongas at his premises, does he think these represent the capacities of all Tongas? I am Tonga who has employed people from Eastern province as house helps. They do a good job and I am happy. However I cant conclude that all people from Eastern province are just good at being house helps. Only a person with limited vision and intoxicated with fake powers can conclude that Tongas cant make good diplomats based on a few Tongas one may have employed. I am a proud Tonga and fortunately I wont apply for this Presidential Press Aide job. If as PF you have decided to deny Tongas the opportunities to access employment in government and Parastatal jobs, dont come up with false reasons for doing so. You have simply concluded that all Tongas are pro UPND and in your view opposition party members should not have access to government and other public sector jobs.


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