The reason is simple.

The conditions are very clear. Anyone who has information that leads to the arrest of these so called “gassers” will be rewarded with a cash prize of K250,000.

The phrase “any information” is a fairly loose term. As noble as this gesture is by The Head Of State, it will not produce the results he wants. In order to establish the truth of this matter, one has to provide proof…but in the current scenario, there is no proof of anything. People are being accused of being gassers, but there is no direct evidence that can stand the litmus test of our courts of law.

Everything is hearsay, innuendo and half truths. When you stand in front of a Judge and say “I heard”…your testimony is weak and the accused can walk free….but if you have hard core evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt, then there’s a good chance that the accused can infact be convicted. As Denzel Washington said in “Training Day”…”It’s not what you know…but it’s what you can prove”

The quantification of this issue will come with great confusion. If you thought people were crazy before this K250,000 bounty was announced…. honey wait until people start bringing their ex- wives as suspects. I mean it’s a slippery slope folks and it will ignite more witch hunting expeditions than before.

In my view, no bounty is required or necessary. I love you Mr. President but this will exacerbate the situation.

The police are doing their job…as long as they are devout and honourable in their duties…the criminals that are terrorizing our communities will ALL be brought to their knees


#CageThoseCriminals #250000



  1. Ba Chiti you could not have said any better. The Police and other law enforcement units are there so why offer a bounty on what these diligent men and women in uniform are supposed to do?

  2. When Lungu made his dubious offer to the public I didn’t pay attention to that because I never take him seriously when he mentions important national matters. The time he is serious is when he ignores court rulings, protects tribalists and the corrupt, when he changes a traffic office to treason just because his main political contender is a passenger in that vehicle and detains him, when he orders the police to chase his opponents from an area in which a by-election is taking place, when people are starving but he says there is plenty of food for everyone, etc. etc. Sorry, because of my frustration with Lungu’s hopeless government, I forgot what I wanted to say about the K250,000 Lungu offered. Mwewa has hit the nail on the head but if you don’t mind, he is what my son said three days ago. He called me from Luanshya and asked if I wanted plenty of money. Being poorer than a mouse in an empty house I jumped at his offer and wanted to trek to Luanshya for the loot. When I asked whether he had won some jackpot he said there was a jackpot which didn’t need one to tinker with figures. He said the great leader ECL Kasaka kaNdalama was ready to shell out K250,000 to anyone who could give information leading to the arrest of any gasser (new terminology). He went on to say that he was surprised that no one had taken the offer. He said maybe hunger had robbed all Zambians of reasoning to fail to notice that what Lungu offered was money on a silver platter. Pressed further he said he was going to get the money by handing me to the police as gasser and claim the money. Being his father was enough reason for Kanganja’s PF kapokolas to charge me for the gassing incidents all over Zambia. I was shocked to the point of wanting to curse and disown him but he said don’t die from shock, here is how we will do it. Tata when I hand you in just admit all the nonsense they will throw at you. He said with the money from Edgar I’ll get you one of these lawyers whose only presence in court comes when a friend or relative appears before the court but represented by another lawyer. He said that his evidence in court will be nothing but hearsay which only a kangaroo would believe. Even that half baked lawyer would have a field day making my son (the star witness) and police look stupid in court leading to my acquittal. No losers reported here. My son and I earn K250,000, the kapokolas earn kudos for trying and the lawyer becomes a sought after legal brain. Remember some lawyers graduated from nonentities to prominent ones because of the black mamba nonsense.


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