By Patson Chilemba

Former Republican vice-president Dr Guy Scott’s wife, Dr Charlotte, says Zambians should move away from the “nonsense” of the tribal talk, which she says is a distraction from focusing on the real issues of bread and butter.

And Dr Charlotte has attacked the credibility of the “so-called” Professor Richard Elsen who carried out an opinion poll showing that President Lungu was leading with 44 percent, followed by opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema at 30 percent, Socialist Party leader Fred M’membe at 3 percent among others, saying he has always been hired by losers.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Dr Charlotte said mending Zambia’s ailing economy will require all Zambians, and therefore focusing on one’s tribe was complete nonsense.

“Complete nonsense. You know UPND has got leadership across the country, and mending the economy will require all Zambians, and these remarks (tribal) are not helpful. We need to focus on the lives of Zambians who have been struggling for five years and will continue if we don’t improve the economy,” Dr Charlotte said. “This is merely a distraction. The current situation demonstrates that you need highly competent governance in Zambia.”

Dr Charlotte said President Lungu’s government has not managed to reform the country, therefore the need for a new team to come in and help the situation.

And Dr Scott said there was no problem with any political organisation engaging consultants to help with campaigns, but she had a problem when political parties hired people purporting to be professors, and “foolishly running surveys” and lying that they had involved 59,000 Zambians in coming up with their poll, which she said was against ethical practice.

And in a tweet, Dr Charlotte stated that the “so-called professor Richard Elsen has a long history of PR for Zambia’s elections. Funny thing is, he’s always been hired by a losing side. He used to bash PF on behalf of whichever paymasters hired him – here’s a funny example 😂😂”

Attached to Dr Charlotte’s tweet was Richard Elsen’s tweet from November 26, 2014 where he tweeted “Loving the Lungu PF leadership bid poster poster where he’s described as ‘simple’”. This was during the time the PF were involved in a vicious power struggle over who should succeed the late president Michael Sata.

And in another tweet, quoting Elsen’s Farraline firm’s website where it states that Farraline serves corporate individuals facing reputation challenges, Dr Scott cynically tweeted: “So … the “opinion poll” has been delivered by people dealing with “reputation challenges”…😂😂😂” -Daily Revelation


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