Examinations Council of Zambia
Examinations Council of Zambia


Northern Province has recorded the best passing rate for grade 12 national examinations hitting the 96 percent mark in 2017.

Eastern, Luapuala, Muchinga and Copperbelt provinces complete the top five best performers with the capital Lusaka coming out in 6th place.

Southern province which has previously recorded some of the most impressive results has dropped to the bottom of the country with a disappointing 43% pass rate.

According to the Ministry of Education Central, Western, Northwestern and Southern provinces are under-performing because parents of school going children are forcing them into agricultural activities as well as early marriages and pregnancy.

The ministry further states that in Southern province particularly, parents and village elders are forcing their children into getting married,”


Northern Province 96.4%
Eastern Province 87%
Luapula Province 84%
Muchinga Province 80%
Copperbelt Province 78.9%
Lusaka Province 75.3%
Central Province 50.0%
Western Province 50%
Northwestern Province 50%
Southern Province 43.7%


  1. What a fake analysis! Southern, Western, North-western, Central and Lusaka will always be the best! Other provinces seem to be doing better because they are the ones leaking exams and therefore beneficiaries of leaked papers. There is no way you can compare South to CB or Luapula in terms of proper and fair performance!

  2. This is a calculated move to reduce UPND STRONG HOLDS and that Tongas should not get employment in future. Who ever is masterminding this will fall to the ground because people belong to God. You cannot ride on leakages and craftiness. Truth will always rise above lies.


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