Not knowing how to get a uniform for grade 8 made B’Flow not to celebrate passing grade 7, he spent term 1 selling sweets

He writes…

After passing my Grade 7 exams, I couldn’t celebrate as much as the other kids did because going to Grade 8 became stressful.

We had no money to buy a new uniform and I was not allowed to be in class in the 1st term because I had not even paid the school fees.
I spent the whole term selling sweets at a corner along Ghana Avenue opposite Kabwe Central Police (I hope you remember the line “Pa Kabwe Central paja pa Ghana Street”).

In term 2 after noticing that my situation was still the same, I was forced to ask my cousin Artson Mumba to give me his old school uniform since he had just completed high school the previous year. That’s the uniform you are looking at😂. It is my own story that inspires me. Now you know why I work hard.


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