By Barotseland Broadcasting Network

25th February, 2019.

Notorious Pf thug and leader of the famous notorious dark city boys from Limulunga la Musholi has died.

Charles Ngoma a PF thug commonly known as ‘Chopper’ drowned in the River after he was trying to escape from the angry Chimbinde boys’s beating.

Chopper together with his other fellow PF cadres from Mongu were hired by Kapundi from Kashumba bus station to go to kalabo and kill a Witch- doctor by the name of Chimbinde who had caught and suspected the owner Tungi hardware in Mongu of witchcraft.

As the cadres were heading for kalabo the Chimbinde’s boys were alerted and got themselves organized such that just upon arrival in kalabo the Chimbinde boys ambushed the PF thugs such that the PF cadres had to scamper in different directions to run for their lives. Unfortunately Chopper drowned in the river as he was trying to escape from the Chimbinde boys.

The Notorious PF cadre ‘Chopper’ have been attacking, traumatising and torturing innocent citizens of Barotseland. The guy used to move with knives, a pistol and some teargas grenades which he always used when attacking people.

Earlier this month ‘Chopper’ together with his fellow Notorious cadres harassed Mongu municipal council officers and started collecting council revenues for themselves.


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