By The Kwacha Times

Nshatombapo bawiso lands Mutale Mwanza in soup, hot FM suspends her

After telling a PF cadre Chanda Nonde that she has never been ‘eaten’ by his father, Hot FM radio presenter Mutale Mwanza has been suspended by her employers.

Last week KT leaked an audio where Mutale Mwanza used vulgar language against a PF cadre Chanda Nonde, who initially suggested that she has been sleeping with National Construction Council (NCC) boss Matthew Ngulube.

This sent Mutale Mwanza into an insulting mode as she also disputed that she has not yet been ‘tombad’ by Mr Ngulube.

Source: Tumfweko



  1. I have following Mutale Mwanza the way she speaks on PF you can’t like it, especially after loosing Roan constituency to NDC, that Lady is not good, Mutale deserved that punishment


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