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There is a shortage of 40,000 Nurses in England alone minus Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The first step to coming to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is to visit the British Council opposite arcades and write:

IELTS for UKVI exam, get 7,7,6.5,7 (you have to work hard because this score is high, it can get you into Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Secondly after passing IELTS, book for the Nursing and Midwifery Council Test of Competence, taken at Pearson VUE opposite UNZA great East road campus (written under video cameras)

After passing submit qualifications, GNC verifications. Wait a bit, get approval, attend hospital Skype interview and get authorisation for visa appointment.

You must be willing to spend on the exams, IELTS is K3,200, CBT is K2,000, GNC verification is K3500 plus other expenses… About a 15,000 for the whole process.

Good luck!



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