Oblate Radio Liseli

By Sibeso Kalimukwa, Barotseland Watchdog Intelligence reporter

Oblate Missionary Priest (name withheld) has confirmed that Oblate Radio Liseli Director and Oblate Missionary of Mary Immaculate delegation has laid off 19 workers while volunteers (announcers) will have their contracts terminated soon.

In a top-secret interview with Barotseland Watchdog intelligence Officer, Oblate of Mary Immaculate Priest source who has felt pity for the targeted workers said, he was having reliable information that Oblate Radio Liseli will effect redundancies on 30th June, 2018.

The priest pointed out that Oblates are reorganising their institution with fewer staff, hence use redundancy to reduce workers and deal with the workers they don’t like to see at their institutions.

He further revealed that donors for Oblates will soon withdraw from funding them, hence removing workers from pension to contracts. He said those who will be re- deployed would work on contractual basis of one year to five years only.

Aggrieved Oblate Priest revealed that even the entire management has been layed off and were not consulted at all. He said the decision was for a few individuals and the procedure was not well followed.

The source closer to the development revealed that Fr. Nebby Mutale and Oblate Delegation Superior, Fr Vincent Sakala have been threatening to fire workers both at the delegation office and Oblate Radio Liseli but didn’t understand how that could have been done without causing public alarm.

He said the redundant clause they have used has been brought to get rid of workers not in good relationship with the new director, Fr Nebby Mutale to create job opportunities to the girlfriend, Monde Mbanga, favourite journalist Kwalombota Mwanangombe and some Bembas from Lusaka he has secretly told to apply.

The source confirmed that News reporter and BBC Action debate presenter Akende Kakwete ,Deputy Editor and BBC Presenter Derrick Chityamba, Long serving Religious reporter Beatrice Phiri, Technical assistant Chrispin Mukuka, Security officer, Kings Chisambo, Jean Habukaali among others will not be considered for redeployment even if they make efforts to re- apply and come for interviews.

“The news is true boss, Oblate Radio Liseli has gone ahead to retrench over 19 workers. The Director has briefed the workers one by one and most of them were given letters on Friday last week. The redundancies will be effected on 30th of this month. Oh yes, it is sad and painfully but there is nothing we could do as our Superior and Oblate Liseli Director are unadvisable as they are doing things without consulting.’’ Oblate Missionary Priest remarked.

‘’It is unfortunate that Oblate Radio Liseli employers have used the clause to fix employees they feel are not wanted. I feel so sorry for the affected workers. This is violating the rights of workers; this is torture and victimisation. Oblates have instilled fear even to those who will be re- deployed after. I can tell you this is the beginning of disaster at the radio station. Fr Nebby is my close friend, I know him, he has a stone heart and wherever he has been given authority or position in our congregation explosive confusion erupted.’’ Lamented Oblate Priest

“I am appealing to affected workers for Oblate Radio Liseli to put their minds together and find other better ways of living because not everyone will be returned.’’ said Oblate Priest.

And when contacted for a comment, Oblate Radio Liseli journalist who spoke on condition of anonymity said the Director, Fr Nebby Mutale when giving them redundancy letters he told them that they are moving away from pensions to contracts hence laying off workers and workers affected should apply and interviews will be set soonest.

‘’We have been given letters yes and we were advised to reapply this week and come for interviews. This is the end of some of us working at Radio Liseli. We were told that they are going away with pension or retirement to contract basis that is why we are layed off. Anyway, only God knows’’ said affected journalist.

Oblate Radio Liseli last week layed off their workers and redundancy will be effective 30th June, 2018. In this case, redundancy means your job has ceased to exist for some reasons deem fit for the employer.


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