15/05/2019 – 6:25PM

Good evening everyone,

I woke up this morning not knowing Anita’s bedroom pictures would be trending on social media. I saw negative comments on one of our page posts which prompted me to check what was happening in our WhatsApp group. I found some people talking about the whole issue and immediately got in touch with Anita for an explanation.

Anita explained to me that she took the videos and pictures a while ago, before she left Kabwe. She had them on her phone but never sent them to anyone until this morning when she got shocked seeing them circulating on social media. She also explained that the night she went out clubbing in Lusaka, she lost her phone and never recovered it. The person who picked the phone is the one who leaked Anita’s private videos and pictures, and not herself.

Anita has already reported the case to the police and they have instituted an investigation into the matter.

Jomach Cooper


  1. Comment: That explanation is not making sense. Only dull people can accept that rubbish. Tell us if Anita has no pass word knowing very well how sensitive her phone is. She should just face the law. Hopely police officers investigating wiĺl not be corrupted

  2. Comment:Let the zambia police investigate the all matter.Its very sad for people to be taking photos or making videos whenever they make love if anything, what for?And onced you make a video of yourselves what can you call such a product.Is it morally right to do so!


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