OFFICIALS at the ministry of health told health minister Sylvia Masebo that the ministry of health was currently failing to meet the drug demand in the country.

In response Ms. Masebo said that it was worrying that even with little resources at its disposal, the ministry was marred with cases of corruption.

University Teaching Hospital (UTH) Director Clinical Care and Diagnostic Services Dr Alex Makupe said during a meeting held Ms. Masebo held with directors and heads of health institutions, that the ministry was currently failing to meet its operational costs because it was under funded.

He said the ministry needs an annual budget of k5billion but that it was currently underfunded.

Dr Makupe said among some of the ministry’s critical challenges was lack of capacity to manage the Intensive Care Units in the country and the management of space.

He also said most laboratories were operating with obsolete machines which were proving to be a challenge in the delivery of quality health services.

“Over the years, we have struggled in meeting the demand in as far as drugs are concerned.
As a ministry we owe suppliers a debt of k 2.2 billion. If we were supported well, our yearly budget, should be in the range of K5 billion kwacha yearly towards drugs and medical supplies,” he said.-Daily Nation


  1. Remove everyone from that Ministry and start afresh! It’s good that the President did not appoint a doctor to head that ministry. Only doctors with training in Health Systems Management should be involved in the running of that ministry.
    It’s illogical that a Ministry that receives colossal amounts of Donor money is claiming to be broke. If there is a department that needs total overhaul, it’s the Procurement and Finance! Transfer these to rural areas and bring in Expatriates!

  2. crying about underfunding but cannot account for the little they receive.

    are we sure it is scandandalous procurement and not underfunding which is the main culprit ??

    Mrs Masebo please check before acting

  3. Even people with expensive transplant surgeries have not been supplied Tacrocod, Mycophanelate and other essential meds since May 202 and these are life threatening. UPND needs to reverse this matter quickly before more lives are lost

  4. Misalignment of efforts. NHIMA should collect funds to add to the national health basket NOT to provide insurance.
    The minister of health must consult widely and attentively on this issue and make nhima a resource mobilisation organ for procurement of health products and drugs.
    Problems of debt to suppliers shouldn’t arise this way. We have the money for this sector. Let’s pool resources.

  5. The problem in this Ministry is Massive and my worry is whether Honorable Masebo is equal to the challenge or not.

    As a Nation, we want to hear how $60 Million worth of Drugs expired upon arrival in our Country,Honey Bee scandals, Defective contraceptive sheath, Lack of Drugs in our Hospitals etc.

    For me, it’s rediculous to be told that it’s because of being underfunded that there was high level of corruption there. Further, the Ministry owes k2. 2 Billion to Drug suppliers.
    Essentially, the narrative does not make sense at all to me. Hence, I vehemently think the burden at the MOH is bigger than what our iron Lady can handle.

    I am now thinking PF inclined Technocrats will mess the current Government big time.

    I sadly Submit.

  6. There are two problems at MoH;

    1. Procurement of pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies and the entire supply chain – here there is need to transfer procurement and the entire supply chain to Medical Stores Limited.

    2. Within 1 above, strictly manage expiry dates of medicines including those donated

    Reforms are needed on the Health Sector on Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies

  7. Anyone who’s been to a public hospital or clinic knows that the process of dispensing medication is not documented. The doctor just writes the drugs in the book and you go to the dispenser, if they have they give if they don’t have they tell you to go buy. I can imagine some of these drugs are stolen and some of the supplies just exist on paper. Whenever there’s a loophole just know that ur beloved brothers and sisters will exploit it to the fullest. We need OPs to prioritize corruption and severe punishments as a deterrent


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